My Everyday Skincare

2008 marks 10 years of my no facial cleanser lifestyle!

Little did I know that the simple decision to give my poor, broken-out skin a short break from cleanser/soap was just the first step on my road to simple and natural body and skin care.
A former cosmetics-counter girlie-girl, I've become one of those people who believe that, in beauty, less is more, and the more natural the ingredients, the better. Let your natural beauty shine through!

See this picture of me? I get compliments on this everyday look, but I do so little to achieve it. And I firmly believe others can have the same results too!

Now, for those who asked, and for posterity, here's what I do - from head to toe - to look like this...

In the shower:
Everyday, I clean my hair with just water and a comb. Every other week, I use baking soda. I scrub my face with a wash cloth and nice warm water. Then I lather the rest of me up with Desert Essence Organics' Green Apple & Ginger Body Wash, the smell of which still reminds me of those martinis my girlfriends and I use to drink! I also use one of those rough body mitts to exfoliate.
As soon as I step out of the shower, I slather on the Aubrey Organics Ultimate Moist Unscented Body Lotion. Anti-perspirant? Dove Unscented.

At the sink:
I brush with Tom's of Maine Toothpaste. Then I scrub my face with water and a wash cloth. I find it too dry to live without facial moisturizer up here in Canada, but I'm still on the lookout for a natural and organic one. So, until I find one I like, I'm using the Aubrey Organics on my face too.
This is the same routine I use at the end of the day.

At my makeup case:
I just use Almay One-Coat Mascara in Black and Aveda Liptint SPF15 in CocoPlum. I haven't been using foundation or concealer lately. It feels uncomfortable using it in the summer, and I'm too lazy/rushed to use it in the winter, so I've just decided not to use it anymore.
I'm thinking of switching to the Black Mascara by Dr. Hauschka. My favourite organic food store just started stocking it, so I'll be trying that out.

So, that's 6 products in total, more or less natural and organic.

What's your everyday skincare? Share with me!

Here are some all-natural beauties... just so you know I'm not crazy... :)


  1. I have also found that less is more. I am Filipino and very tan, so even the smallest amount of make up looks like a lot on me. The only make up I wear is Red Point Stay Put Eyeliner. I curl my eye lashes (and during the summer I usually get them permed since I am in the water often). As long as my eyebrows are groomed my face looks fresh and clean. On my lips I use Rosebud Salve.

    Twice a day I wash my face with TheraNeem Facial Complexion Bar and follow up with Neem Leaf & Oil Lotion. I wash my hair every other day with Matrix sleek.look shampoo & conditioner to control my slightly frizzy hair.

    I wash my body with a lavendar oatmeal soap from Trader Joes and lotion from the neck down with Aveeno.

  2. Your skin looks amazing. I had serious acne problems when I was younger so I'm still recovering from scars. I hope my skin looks as good as yours some day! So cool that water only works so well for ya too!

  3. Things are pretty simple here too... In the shower, I use just water on my hair (with baking soda once a week or so). On my skin I use Tiber River Naturals shower shake. I haven't been using body lotion lately, but will look for something new once fall comes around. I use a deodorant stone instead of anti-perspirant.

    I brush my teeth with tooth soap.

    Moisturizer is by Dr. Hauschka.

    If I remember to put on makeup, I curl my eyelashes and use an old body shop eyeliner. I recent purchased a new tinted lip gloss from Pure Anada. Might be a bit pink for me, but I'll try it for a while.

  4. Anonymous30 July, 2008

    WOW! I admire your routine! I'd love to get mine that simple, but I guess being as I'm a product tester it's not too realistic. lol

    I do switch to my Sophyto Organics skincare in between testing other skin care items. It really gets my skin balanced and settled back down.

    For makeup- in summer I just use a bit of concealer most days, one coat of my fave mascara, and a lip stain. With all the sweating & humidity during the summer, makeup just slides right off anyhow.

  5. @Red Lotus Mama -
    Great routine! Thanks for sharing :)
    I'm Filipino too, so I do find that I don't really need anything more than concealer on the worst of days.
    Yes, the brows are key. Those coarse Filipino hairs need constant taming, don't they?! I've heard some great things about neem. I must check that out!
    Thanks for visiting! :)

    @Sarah -
    Thanks! I've never really had a lot of acne, but when I did, they were the really painful kind, so I'm glad I've found a good solution. After I started this water-only routine, I found out that this was the way my MIL has always been washing her face... and for an 80yo woman, she's got gorgeous skin!

    @myrtle -
    Oh, I love the Tiber River stuff! They have this baby bum cream I used on Mini, and it was great on her skin and smelled nice too!
    Have I asked you where you got the tooth soap? I've been meaning to ask.
    I'll be going to EatIt today... I should try the Dr. Hauschka moisturizer... Franca's been tempting me with it. :)

    @Jami -
    Thanks! :) I think I'm going to face the same thing as you when I start testing products for my new site that I told you about a few months back.
    Glad to hear the you're still happy with the Sophyto Organics stuff... I'm definitely going to check that out. :)

  6. tooth soap is from eatit. Love how my teeth feel, but last week I thought they looked a bit yellow... not that they've ever been white. It might have been all in my head since they seem back to normal now. Or maybe they stain easier? I *was* drinking more coffee last week than usual.

    I'm going to try the tooth brightener next. See if that helps.

    What is this new site you mentioned?

  7. Wow, congratulations! I don't think I could do without mine...but I have had friends that tried literally EVERY product and kept having problems with breakouts and irritation, only to find out that a little soap and water was right up their alley. Guess it just depends on your skin type.

  8. Anonymous06 May, 2010

    If you haven't found a face lotion yet I would recommend Brittanie's Thyme Organic Everyday Moisturizer. It's amazing! I use that, along with Zosimos Botanicals Lime Foaming Facial Wash and Coastal Classics Creations 100% Witch Hazel Toner. I used to use all Clinique products, which worked pretty well, but since I've switched my face has been even brighter and completely blemish free.

    Also, I can't go completely shampoo free but I use Soap For Goodness Sake's Coconut and Bambusa oil bar shampoo (It lathers like you wouldn't believe and smells great!) and then just a bit of Jojoba oil to smooth down flyaways.