What were you doing at 8:08am?


  1. 8:08? I was in the car, making my way to my sister's place to drop off N before work.

  2. Anonymous30 July, 2008

    I was taking my dog outside to go potty. I'm afraid my morning life isn't very glamorous. :-)

  3. I was in bed, pretending I wasn't awake.I think my younger daughter was cuddling/waking me?

  4. I was watching this video on youtube "An anthropological introduction to YouTube"


    ~ Elizabeth

  5. At 8:08 am, I was just getting back home from dropping two of my daughters off for their first day at school.

    Hope you have a great day.

  6. Anonymous30 July, 2008

    Same as always, waiting for my "trim flat white take away". And if I'm not having coffee, I'll be reading the news at work :-) Lately I've been heading straight for the coffee though, not sleeping well at the moment (and it's not the coffee! I only have one every morning).

  7. Sleeping.

    Did I mention I'm on holidays? I love holidays.

  8. 808? Mmmm, Hawaii...

    I was probably preparing a greek salad at that time.

    Can't wait to see you and the fam!

  9. Anonymous31 July, 2008

    Let's see.. I was battling with my hosting company to get my websites back up and running. Grrr...

    But I'm calming down now.

    Goooz fraaa bahhh...


  10. Anonymous31 July, 2008

    Let me see, I was still dong works on photoshop! My work loads are killing me, hehe.

    Just to let ya know, Check out http://malleus21.wordpress.com on AUGUST 1st 10pm. Awesomeness is coming soon!!

  11. Last Wednesday at 8:08am? I would've been walking to the Metro station on my way to work. :)

  12. What about 08:08 AM on 08/08/08?

    I was at work... working!