1000th Update on Twitter!

Guess what my 1000th Twitter update will say...

Give up?

"new blog post: 1000th Update on Twitter!"

Okay, if you haven't been totally turned off by my awesome nerdiness, follow me on Twitter. Just click... HERE!


  1. 1000! Wow, I'm only at 245. Gotta get twitterin'!

  2. Anonymous23 July, 2008

    Congrats!!! :D
    I'm only at 767. seems like so many more than that.

  3. I'm at 0 and don't want to go there.

    I must be near 1000 on FB though! Different crack for different folks :-S

  4. Would that be considered a milli-twitter or a twillimilli post?

    Congrats Nenette!

  5. Negatory to the twitter... I mean, it's just a goofy idea from the word go. And even its creators can't take it that seriously if they call it TWITter, can they?

    But if they called it twatter... I just googled twatter, instead of "what are you doing" their tagline is "who are you doing", which made me laugh.

  6. @myrtle -
    have you been plurkin' lately? I haven't been in a while.

    @Bionic Beauty -
    Thanks! 767 is a lot!
    I actually can't believe I'm over 1000 now. I shouldn't be surprised as I *do* blah-blah a lot :)

    @harmzie -
    you should twitter and have it programmed to update your FB status like I do.
    twitter is the perfect mini-blog format.

    @Jen Hill -
    I think that's a twimilliter? :)
    Thanks, Jen!

    @albert -
    Twitter isn't bad. At least it isn't called Moronitter... I'd draw the line there.
    "Twatter"... funny... :)