10 Useful Numbers I've Put in My Cell Phone

I like to be prepared for anything. When I'm out with my kids, my big bag is always loaded with stuff I'll need just in case.
First aid kit, camera, emergency snacks, tissues... they've all come in handy.

But by far, the most invaluable item for my peace of mind is my cell phone, which I always keep well-charged.

Inspired by Marc & Angel, I've just loaded it with all the super-important, emergency numbers I may need just in case.
Here are those numbers - in no special order - and why I think they should be in your phone too:

1: Home
Say you lose your cell phone. The kind soul who finds it can now contact you to arrange to have it returned to you.

2: Credit Card Hotline
As soon as you realize your wallet is lost or stolen, you'll want to report it to your credit card company ASAP. Go and get your credit cards. Look for the 800 numbers on the back of each. Program them into you cell phone. Do it now.

3: Friend with Your Extra Home Key
Cheaper than a locksmith. Be sure to actually give the key to a trusted friend first.

4: Autoclub (CAA/AAA) or Towing Service
Who wants to go searching for a phone book when you're in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night in 3 feet of snow with your kids in the backseat? No, that's never happened to me - oh, wait, it has! And we were half in a ditch too.

5: In Case of Emergency (ICE)
Say you've had an accident, a stroke, or something else that renders you unconscious or otherwise unable to communicate. Thanks to the ICE program, many first responders (paramedics, police officers, firefighters) are now trained to look for an "ICE" entry on your cell phone list to identify you or to contact next of kin or physician.

6: Taxi
Handy to have anytime, especially for Don't Drink & Drive situations! Since I don't drink, I'd be happy to have it in case the car breaks down, and I'd like to get the kids home and out of the cold, traffic, etc.

7: Car Insurance
One of the first numbers to call after being in or witnessing an accident, after 911, of course.

8: Physician/Pediatrician
Especially good when you have kids. When we're out and one of them suddenly develops some sudden pain, weird cough, or unusual mark or blemish, I can call Dr. C in an instant.

9: Kids' school
If you're somewhere across town and won't be at your kids' school on time to pick them up, you can call the school up to let 'em know. If you're lucky, like we are, they'll have an after-school program to keep your kids' occupied and happy 'til you get there.

10: Home Insurance Company
The house has just burned down in the middle of the night. With the family safely out and cell phone in hand, you can get your family in the warmth of a hotel room and start getting your life sorted out immediately.

Bonus Numbers

11: Sushi Takeout
When you just have to have it!

12: Hair Stylist
Having a bad hair day? Call your stylist to see if she/he has an immediate opening.

13: Booty Call Number
Again, when you just have to have it! Kidding. No, this would not be considered an ICE number.

What are your cell phone must-have numbers? Am I missing any you think I should have? Let me know!


  1. well, I have home and sushi. It's a start...

  2. Anonymous22 July, 2008

    agree ako sa 10 but i loved #12!!! go girl!

    thanks for dropping by my blog ;-) this is a very useful list

  3. Whenever I travel I put the parking lot number of my car at the airport, the hotel phone number and confirmation number, the airline number and confirmation number all in my phone too.

  4. I took a self defense class once, and the instructor suggested that we all program 911 into speed dial 1 or 2, that way you can dial quickly and without looking. I thought it was a pretty good idea.

  5. Anonymous23 July, 2008

    Need to add goog411. Free information and will connect you at no charge.

  6. hmm... mine's a work phone, so I don't have the sushi number in it. Mind you I DO have the Hair Salon & taxi #'s, so it's not too much of a stretch. And I DO love sushi...

    And home's in there of course. Sometimes I consider that a booty call ;-)

    I really like the idea of other NON-phone numbers (hotel conf & other reminders) in there when you travel - it's not like they have to connect to another phone!

  7. @myrtle -
    a very good start!

    @caryn -
    I'm glad you liked the list :) I love your blog!

    @mjaroneski -
    that's great info to put on your phone. very handy. thanks!

    @Tankersley Family -
    I LOVE that idea! You can dial 911 without taking your eyes off your attacker or letting them know you're doing anything. Thanks for sharing this.

    @Anonymous -
    That's a good number to have in there. I hate that I get charged an arm and a leg for regular 411. Free is definitely good.

    @harmzie -
    work-schmork... get that sushi number in there! :)

  8. Another potentially live-saving number, especially if you have kids, is Poison Control... most of us know to call 911 in the case of an emergency, but if your child has ingested something that you don't know is safe or not, a quick call to Poison Control can inform you of the proper next course of action... 1-800-222-1222... many parents can't remember this number, so programming it into your cell phone can be a life saver!!

  9. believe it or not, i "grouped" all my kids/family contact numbers under one group labeled "Family" just in case something DID happen to me and someone finds my cellphone, they would be able to scroll the endless contact numbers in order to inform my genuine loved ones of a situation if needed. Hopefully it never happens (as i bless myself), but it is good peace of mind for me....