A Hairy Dilemma

It's been 9 months since my last haircut. My mullet has grown out and looks like this. This is me Doing the Karen Cheng so I can show you all just how long my hair is.

Today is a good hair day, but now that it's long again, those good hair days are few and far between. I can often be seen with a clip or claw pulling my hair back off my face, otherwise, it's a big tumbling mess.
When it gets too long, it tends to form a triangle, and I end up with a pointy head. And I honestly don't fancy myself as Bert.

So, I'll be going back to Jane, the best hairstylist EVER, and this time, I won't be telling her to "surprise me". :)

Unfortunately, I don't know what to tell her. Should I get a layered bob like Mini? Should I keep it long? Should I just wait a little longer?

I'd love to find out what you think. So, please lemme know! :)


  1. What does Roomie think? You might want to ask him if you haven't already. He gets to see you with it every day. :-)

    I actually think you look pretty hot in that picture with your hair just like it is. ;-) Granted "hot" isn't always appropriate. :-P Especially if it's the "+30C, blazing sun on asphalt" kinda hot.

  2. In one of those chain emails floating around years back - this one a "memo" from men to women - one of the points said "don't cut your hair - ever".

    That, coupled with my own experience of having a MUCH higher bar than Mr Harmzie in the hair (mine) department("looks great [and meaning it]. Why?"), suggests that an opinion from Roomie would be useless. That's if you even get anything coherent out of him after showing him that photo! (I mean something more intelligent than pirate sounds)

    Yes, you're much better off trusting the world-wide-web and the opinions of strangers and stalkers!!! ;-)

    Seriously, *I* liked the "mullet" and didn't think it looked like a mullet at all. I thought it looked light and fresh. I agree with snowbear that it currently looks hot. I guess after writing this much I'm really of no use whatsoever.

    Nice camera.

  3. I think you should think of a few ideas and then get input from the hair stylist. You've let it grow out nicely so that gives them options. It's also nice to have a reality check as far as what your hair can do (I don't suggest going platinum blonde for example)


  4. You're only young once, have fun with your hair!

    I don't know if this link will work:

    On most people it would look silly, but you, you can pull it off!

  5. @SnowBear -
    Roomie's stance is "It doesn't matter to me, you'll always look great", which is sweet, but really doesn't help.

    So, that's a vote for "no cut yet". :)

    @harmzie -
    Thanks!... The picture should really be called "Closeup of my A570" :)

    No pirate sounds, so I don't think he's seen the picture yet. :)
    I'll count your vote as another "no cut yet".

    @reechard -
    Come on, reechard! Long, short, or no cut... I've been with my stylist for years, so I already know what she'll say... I want YOUR opinion! :)

    @albert -
    oh come on! I don't think even SHE pulls it off!
    but thanks for calling me young :)

  6. Anonymous15 June, 2008

    Rawr, lady! You look hot!! :)