The Gamers Have Invaded...

This is a scene I encounter much more often these days, Roomie and Mini, each with a controller in hand, playing video games.
(For RL friends/family who may notice, yes, that's Pukus on the floor behind Mini... he's become one of her favourite buddies.)

Roomie is an old-time gamer, and he's always loved his computer games. Yes, always - do the words VIC-20 and Commodore 64 ring a bell?

So, I always knew any kids we have would eventually play video games.

The other day, Lam told me he likes his "shooter" games, which immediately conjured up images of a different kind of "shooter" game. When I realized he didn't mean the kind we used to play in university on Friday nights with our favourite bottles of tequila, he had already moved on to tell me that he didn't like those as much as his absolute FAVOURITE game, Chaotic, a strategy trading card game he plays with Roomie.

Mini loves her games too. She loves Sims 2 Pets (my personal fav), but her favourite is Lego Star Wars. She loves that she can change characters on the fly from a robot to a flying creature or even Queen Amidala! What I love about it is that there's no blood and gore. When she strikes someone with her lightsaber, the character falls apart into its individual Lego pieces.
Mini smacks her dad's character shouting "Take that! And that!" And she's good too! It won't be long before she's whoopin' her dad's butt at these games.

Video games is still a minor interest right now, but I can see it growing. The games will be better and cooler, and Roomie and I will be right there beside them, playing as a family.
I can already hear the smack talk fly... :)


  1. I didn't think anyone used phrases or expressions such as VIC-20 or Commordore 64. Man, talk about a blast from the past!

    Oh, welcome to my world!

    My Roomie is also into his video games (we have every console under God's sun - yes, even the classic Nintendo!). He's also an online gamer and has recently been hooked on World of Warcraft.

    Mini C-Flo isn't even born yet and he cannot wait to share gaming moments with her playing Legend of Zelda or any kid-friendly Nintendo games.

    As a first time Father's Day Gift, I bought him 2 little bodysuits with matching bibs that says:
    "Daddy's Little Gamer" and "When I Grow Up, I'm Going To Join Daddy's Guild!"

    I hope he likes them!

    BTW, that pic is too adorable. I foresee that in my near future.

    Love you!!!

  2. I'm sure your Roomie's going to love those baby outfits! Too cute! :)

    Yeah, I think my Roomie still has his C64 somewhere in this house... or at least, his mom's house.
    These boys never get rid of anything.

    Much love back at ya :)