Changes in the Neighbourhood...

This was the scene across the street from our house last week.

It had recently changed hands, and the new owners planned to make some minor renovations and rent it out. Unfortunately, while pulling out the kitchen cabinets, they found mold, and upon further inspection, they realized the mold was EVERYWHERE.

So, after the consent of the neighbours and a quick rezoning, out came the big guns and down came the building, leaving a big gaping hole. They demolished everything, and it appears nothing was salvaged, not even the tub.

We walked the kids to school from our backlane to lessen chances of any contact with mold spores that may be floating astray. It rained the next day, so all spores should be taken care of.

Not sure when they're rebuilding. The kids that frequent the community center and school nearby don't need a big hole luring them to their doom, so I hope it's soon.

The neighbourhood's changing, and I'm excited to see what's going to happen next!


  1. The tanglefoot strip in the foreground of the photo is a nice touch! Makes me all homesick and everything.

    The kids must have loved watching the demolition.

    Why would they have to rezone the house if they're building another single house on it? Better check they didn't get it rezoned to put in a gas station... or a grow op... or a dormitory for visiting proselytizing Mormons...

  2. You don't have to rezone for mormons. We have them two doors down - or maybe it's JWs. They're very good neighbours. Too bad you wouldn't have to rezone for morons. 'Cause THAT would suck.

    They probably had to get a variance (as opposed to a rezoning). House plan "too close" to property or other reasons. If it fits within the "look & feel" of the neighbourhood, it would be whisked through. A new house going in would unlikely be identical to what was there. It will be beige stucco. And with a front garage. Didn't read the fine-print on what you signed off, did you? ;-)

    Have you washed your car? It looks like a sitting duck out there, getting all mouldy & sporey.

    The tanglefoot is supposed to be removed by May long, from what I recall hearing in the past. I was waiting for the company that did our block to do it & they never came. When I took ours down, there was - speaking of mould! - fungus beginning. Yuck

  3. @albert + @harmzie -
    The owner of the property went to all of us neighbours to sign a document giving our consent to a "rezoning". As to the veracity of that statement, you'd have to ask him, although I'm much more willing to bow to harmzie's expertise in City stuff. :)
    The owner said that it was to give our consent to make the property a construction zone.

    I'd be happy if the new house isn't anything like the one that was there. It wasn't pretty. :)

    The car is fine. The rain I mentioned presumably took care of the mold on it.

    Yeah, I should take the band down. I was waiting too, but I guess I (or more likely, Roomie) will have to do the dirty work.

  4. It's like a local edition of Extreme Makeover right in your front yard!

    Thanks for the positive plug on the Mormons harmzie. I wouldn't necessarily want a bunch of proselytizing people from any group living across the street from me, but those Mormon missionaries are a great bunch of people. Although, I am a little biased. ;)