The Perfect Jacket

Okay, even after some photo manipulation, this picture's too dark to show exactly how ultra cool this jacket is, but it was taken by Mini, and I wanted to show off her growing talent at capturing people's souls.

I bought the jacket in time for my hot anniversary date with Roomie, which was when this picture was taken.
We had dinner at Cafe Carlo, went for a romantic stroll around the Leo Mol Sculpture Garden where we got married, and then had some pavlova at Baked Expectations, one of our fav dating destinations.

Anyway, I'd been suffering for years (yes, years and I'm not exaggerating) with a jacket that was ratty and old and should've been discarded years ago, but I vowed never to spend money on a new one until I'd found The One.

Now, The One would be black, have many pockets inside and out, zip closure, cinched in at the waist without a belt, and suitable for both casual and dressy occasions.
I honestly thought that I'd either never find all that in one jacket or I'd find it but it would cost me a fortune.

Well, I held on, never lost faith, and as you can see, my patience paid off. I found The One!
And it only cost me $70CDN. Not bad, eh?!... although I'll still be feeling guilty for spending that much money on myself for a while. :)