MEM: Eco-Shopping for the Girlie-Girl

This week's My Earth Monday installment is a bit of a departure from the usual. I guess I haven't yet shaken off the after-effects of yesterday's Mother's Day, and still feel the desire to spoil and indulge myself. :)

So, this week, I'm shopping! Ok, not really buying anything, just doing a little online window shopping. I found some really sweet stuff from Ecoist I just had to share with you today.

I just love Ecoist! They take things destined for the landfill, and through Grupedsac (Group for the Promotion of Education and Sustainable Development), a non-profit organization in Mexico that helps underprivileged citizens earn a fair living on projects that preserve the environment, they hire skilled artisans to create things from jewelry to laptop cases to tote bags.
And for every item Ecoist sells, they plant a tree.

Right now, I'm lusting after their $15 card wallet made from billboards for the movie '300'. :)

Here are some other cool things...

Bracelets by Ecoist - The official "Stop Global Warming" Ecoist bracelets. Adjustable for kids and adults. We plant a tree for every bracelet sold. Help spread the word. Handmade from recycled candy wrappers, soda labels, and food packages.

Rice Bags - These one-of-a-kind bags are made from recycled feed and rice bags from Southeast Asian fishing villages. Each bag is manually woven and lined with cotton. Convenient compartments and zippers add great functionality to these unique bags.
The purchase of these bags provides employment to disabled and disadvantaged artisans and ensures they are paid fair wages and have safe working environments.
Brought to you by Gecko Traders.

Movie Billboard Laptop Cases & Bags - Ecoist collects outdoor movie billboards that were headed for a landfill and produces unique pieces, such as laptop cases, tote bags, messenger bags, and wallets. Colourful and abstract, as well as, sturdy, durable, and waterproof.


  1. Anonymous13 May, 2008

    Oh wow! My macbook is bugging me for one of those cases. lol

    Seriously though, those are Suh-weet!

    Thanks Nen!

  2. Anonymous13 May, 2008

    Damm! They have a 13" laptop case from the Cloverfield movie!!! oi... how I wish for unlimited shopping power...

  3. Anonymous14 May, 2008

    The Rice Bag is something I'm into! :) Perfect for weekend activities!

  4. @jami -
    aren't they incredibly sweet?! I want one of those laptop cases too, and I don't even have a lap top... yet. :)
    I was actually relieved that the '300' collection didn't have a laptop case... I don't know if I would've been able to control myself!

    @toni -
    the colours of the rice bags are so nice, aren't they? yeah, it would be the perfect beach bag. :)

  5. I had to surf away for a second to bookmark that site. Looks like I have a good spot for gifts now should I not be able to make a homemade gift like I usually aim for.