We're Ready. Are You?

May 4-10, 2008 is Emergency Preparedness Week in Canada.

If disaster struck, would you and your family be able to survive the first 72 hours before help arrived?

According to GetPrepared.ca:
"The 72 hour preparedness message is a common standard used across North America by first responders (fire, police, paramedics), all levels of government and non-government relief organizations. They have first-hand knowledge that 72 hours is the length of time it takes to mobilize a relief effort in a significant way."
Last fall, Roomie and I decided that we really had to get off our bums and get to making our own emergency kit. Now, I'm pleased to say that we're almost done; just need to commit plans of action to paper.

Okay, so spring thaw-flood may be pretty much over, and if your furnace crashed and burned today, you probably won't freeze, but depending on your area, you still have tornado and hurricane seasons and the occasional earthquake or two. You don't want to get caught with your pants down!

We're ready. Now, you!

Get Ready:
  • GetPrepared.ca
  • Ready (US)

  • And for our neighbours all over the world, this message is for you too. Get prepared and stay safe!


    1. no.

      Good to know such close neighbours are! ;-)

      We have:
      - a wind-up radio (discussed previously);
      - about eight flashlights that I can't keep up with the batteries for. I bought four new ones a few weeks ago (because I could never find one) INCLUDING a sacrificial "play" one; waved the others around and threatened something akin to The Rack for touching them, and yet still, there's only one left with juice in it... grrr...
      - 35 gallons of water & at least one meal of sushi! ;-) yuck... but, if there's no power, they're going to die anyway.

      Seriously - being involved in Emergency Preparedness as I am, it is embarassing that I am not better prepared. Especially since I would likely be called away from my family during such a time! Thanks for highlighting this. I think I'm going to get on it.

    2. ooo... you struck a nerve, so I'm back.

      Check out


      for some more good emergency preparedness info. There's a link to a CMHC report "Cooling Rates of Houses During Extended Power Failures" (the nerdy me just loves that)

      Winnipeggers, watch your local media tonight/tomorrow for further information available (very) soon.

    3. glad you liked this post! :) and thanks for the site... it's quite thorough! lots of info there...

      you know you can get wind-up flash lights at Princess Auto for $8... we let the kids use them if they want to look at books at night... if they fall asleep with them on, it's okay!

      I didn't know you were in Emergency Preparedness... it's embarrassing how little I know about what my RL friends really do for a living... I know you work for the city and that's pretty much it... myrtle works at the wheat board and that's it... albert? nortel, and that it's it... argh! you're all Chandler to me, and that's bad!!!

    4. Yeah, I don't know what anyone does for a living either. Heck, I can't even really explain what hubby does.

      We don't have a kit together either... really should. I know we have a wind-up flashlight and radio, but not sure where they are.

      I do know where all our canned food is. hmm, but if I don't find the flashlight, I won't be able to see what I'm opening. Could be pasta sauce, could be coconut milk...

    5. Thanks for the flashlight tips - might just check it out.

      The new stuff is up now: EmergWeb - a button on the main city site. It's the place you'd go for breaking info in a real emergency and, well, you can check it out.

      Chandler was my favourite! I'm honoured. Despite the gender difference (and the fact that I'm technically an adult) I've often imagined I'm him.

    6. You got me thinking now...I should do this too!!!

      Btw, Happy Mother's Day!

    7. @la bellina mammina:
      :) Glad I could help!
      And thank you! I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day too. :)