Blog Morphing... More Changes...

I always have an eye open for new ways to improve my blog. I realize that I have an advantage over many other bloggers in that I have years of software design and programming experience to draw from to help me change, improve and morph my blog into one that's functionally and aesthetically pleasing... to me at least. :)

In case you haven't had a look around lately, I've done the following:
  • Changed from a Category Cloud back to a Category List.
  • Added a 3-column footer for administrative and less-blogcentric items.
  • Added a clustr map (May 2, 2008).
  • Added a Related Posts listing at the end of each post, listed according to category.
  • A By-Post listing of Archives.
  • A Poll of the Week - a new one every Friday!

  • For comparison, here's another look at the original template Erudite at Gecko & Fly I used and ultimately changed to get the template you see now.

    My next project is to tackle advertising. It's going to be the subject of a whole new post. I have some definite ideas about how I would like to earn money via my blogs... what I personally would like to see and what will make me click to buy. What are your thoughts on blog advertising or ads in general?


    1. Is it change for the sake of change? 'Cause I like my 'candy for the flavour, not the wrapper!

      Besides, if the wrapper gets all moved around, I get confused. "Don't make me confused - you wouldn't like it when I'm confused" :-P

    2. It's change for improvement, girlfriend! :)... or I like to think it's improvement! lol

      I've been around when you've been confused, and it ain't so bad... mind you, alcohol was involved, and I was rather confused myself... as were the rest of our girlfriends... so it was actually kinda fun. :)

    3. This is really neat to have to note these changes. I noticed some, but it is good to list them this way.

      And, I only wish I had some computer programming experience. Everything for me is trial and error, and error, and error, and some success, and some more error!

      Your site really is beautiful!

    4. Anonymous07 May, 2008

      I wish I was good at HTML but am retarded in that area!

    5. Anonymous08 May, 2008

      I think it's looking muy beautiful, per usual. I like how you don't have a ton of icky code running behind-the-scenes too. Your blog is quick to load, pleasing to the eye, lots of white space, which makes it look not so "square" as many websites/blogs. Color scheme is calming too. Keep up the excellent work! :)

    6. @jen hill -
      thanks, jen! your site looks great! you've obviously had a lot of successes... it's so fresh and light... I wouldn't change it at all.

      @mrs.mogul -
      believe me, knowing html can be a curse sometimes! i'm constantly changing stuff, because i can... bad, very bad...

      @jami -
      thanks so much for the kind and encouraging words! yeah, it peeves me when sites take too long to load. I use flash sometimes, but I try to keep it to a minimum.

    7. Anonymous29 May, 2011

      Hi - I am definitely glad to find this. Good job!