My Earth Monday: The Done List

Image: Its Future is in our Hands by aussiegal

You may have noticed when I announced the launch of My Earth Mondays that I gave no end date. My Earth Monday is forever.
Plus, it's not just tasks for us to complete. It's green gadgets, eco stories, and earthy photos I find to share with you to help raise awareness of the world around us.

The "My" part of the title is not just for me. I named it that way so you can all take ownership of this planet and to encourage you to feel you can take part.
This is why I'm so pleased at the comments and emails saying "okay, I'll try that too!" and "hey, have you done this?" Your participation means a lot.

This week, instead of a task, I'm sharing with you the list of green things I already do. I've sent several replies to visitors saying "I already do that. Do you have any other suggestions?", so this should help if you want me to try something out that I've never done before. And maybe this list can give you ideas to add to your list.

So, do you do any of this stuff already? What is on your green list?

Here's my green list:

1. Use a programmable thermostat to automatically turn down the heat at night.
2. Compost.
3. Made all my bills electronic. (I tried to do my phone bill, but they still snail mail me my bill - must call them today.)
4. No smoking.
5. Use wind-up flashlights.
6. Use rechargeable batteries for digital camera.
7. Use cold water for laundry.
8. Use a natural laundry detergent.
9. Enforce a shoes-off-at-the-door policy.
10. Recycle everything that can be recycled.
11. Use reusable bags instead of plastic grocery bags.
12. Use towels at least 5 times before changing them.
13. Growing indoor plants.
14. Use Method dishwashing liquid.
15. Use Norwex cleaning cloths and water for everyday cleaning (diluted dishwashing liquid for heavier dirt).
16. Properly dispose of my used batteries at a local hazard waste depot.
17. "If it's yellow, let it mellow..."
18. Pick up litter when I spot it.
19. Continue to reuse our ugly fake Christmas Tree and reuse our favourite ornaments, instead of buying new Christmas decorations.
20. Have occasional "inside days" when we don't go out and spend money.
21. Drive a fuel efficient vehicle.
22. Own one vehicle for family use.
23. Live centrally where every convenience is in walking distance.
24. Xeriscaping the front yard.

That's all I can think of...Okay, now you!

Results of Last Week's My Earth Monday: Switch to Natural Bath Products...

My new favourite body wash is Desert Essence Organics' Green Apple & Ginger Body Wash. It was not drying, lathered nicely, and had a scent that was vaguely reminiscent of the watered down martinis my friends and I used to down every Payday Friday in the late '90s. I should get harmzie or myrtle to smell my arm... maybe they'll recognize it! :)
They contain "NO parabens, NO Sodium Laurel/Laureth Sulfates, NO Phthalates, NO Artificial Fragrances or Colors, NO Silicones, NO EDTA, NO Glycols and NO Petroleum based ingredients". They are cruelty free and are completely biodegradable. Very nice.
$8.99 for a 237ml tube.

I LOVE my new hair products! I went to my local VitaHealth market and bought the Rejuvenating Shampoo and Conditioner by Green Beaver Company. I even used it on the kids when I gave them their bath last night. My (and the kids') hair is so bouncy! I am more than pleased. They were about $8.99 each for the 325ml bottles. It's not drugstore prices, but it's worth it... oh, and it's a Canadian company using wild and organic Canadian ingredients.


  1. No 5: try a solar-powered, wind up radio (from Lee Valley). It works *really* well. Got it for the "emergency kit" (note I think that's all that's in the EK), but DH uses it all the time now. $30 though: Worth it.

    No. 9: what does that do? I find that by having my shoes on in the house I can have the overall temperature a few degrees cooler. If my feet are cold, EVERYTHING is cold - I'll always take my shoes off for you though! (Also, it helps for support to my back, also it helps me not feel the crap on the floor!)

    No. 16: eep.

    No. 17: I intend to get a dual flush toilet. I know intentions are worth the paper their printed on. Just on water savings ($$) it's worth it for a family of 5. Apparently very quickly

    No. 19: David Suzuki says: #1 no tree; #2 real farmed tree; #3 reuse a fake tree. The fake tree - likely plastic was probably shipped China - big transportation costs, plus likely made in a factory that doesn't give a flying crap about "green"! The farmed ones are sucking up the CO2 while their in their peak growing. I thought everyone reused their decorations??? Is that not so?
    P.S. Don't throw out your tree NOW!!! ;-)

    -What about driving a fuel efficient car & having only one for your family? ;-)
    -What about living centrally?
    -What about your xeriscaping?

  2. Wow, girlfriend, I forgot about those other things that do! :) Thank for reminding me... I'll update my list. As for the other stuff...

    No 5: Roomie has a windup radio somewhere... I'd forgotten about that! He brought it to a boys' weekend. and I think he got the other boys into it.

    No 9: All sorts of crap (such as pesticides and other toxins) get tracked throughout the house from outside. We change into a pair of fluffy slippers or socks to stay warm... all clean and un-tainted by outside yuck.

    No 19: We've never had a real tree, and we fully intend to keep using the old one we have for as long as it stays standing. :)
    Yeah, I've heard of people ditching their ornaments every year... they abuse them. :(

    Yes, I completely forgot about our lone, fuel-efficient vehicle, how everything is in walking distance, and my lawnlessness... I will add those! Thanks! :)

  3. yep, you're one nut-job tree-hugger! ;-P And you're not even obnoxious about it! Can you imagine if you got obnoxious???
    P.S. don't get obnoxious. Seriously... although I can't imagine you obnoxious

    5. I think you may be right there, but we got the CanTire version and it instantly broke. Since DH had shown an interest, Santa stepped up and got the LV version.

    9. Ahhh. I have a separate pair of shoes. Unless I forget to change them. :-S Generally my ducklings don't wear sock, let alone shoes or slippers! They're not the problem (w the heat) I am. Yesterday was a glaring, muddy exception. I think it probably carries on to today (unless DH got bizzahy with the mop)

    19. Sometimes what you live as a kid becomes the reality for the whole world and when you find out it's not like that BLAM! it rocks your world. I should say I'm not entirely shocked, since almost nothing shocks me any more (I said "almost") just never occurred to me.

  4. Not sure about the fake tree thing (but if since you already have one, makes sense to keep using it)... seems to me a farmed tree is preferable. When one buys one locally, one is supporting a local farmer. (And it is a crop -- I'm not out there clear-cutting on my own in the wilderness.) In the new year, we always have it turned into mulch by the city, or turn it into mulch ourselves.

  5. yeah, I've had an ugly fake one for a long time and have decided to continue to use it until it breaks rather than throw it out and buy a beautiful real one just to be eco-friendly. :)

  6. Another thing you could do is to use Lullwater Soap Nuts. Currently the most affordable of Soap Nuts on the market. Lullwater Soap Nuts are the shells from the fruit of the soap nut tree, Sapindus mukorossi. Soap Nuts are an alternative to manufactured or chemical detergents, as well as so-called “natural” detergents that all leave a carbon footprint from the manufacturing process. Lullwater Soap Nuts have a minimal carbon footprint.

  7. @leon stoltz - Thanks for the heads up on the lullwater soap nuts. I'll be sure to check them out.

  8. That's quite an impressive list! Good for you (must better than I'm doing, I admit). :)

  9. Thanks, Zandria :)
    And if I can do it, my readers can too! Really, it surprised me that I do all those things. I didn't realize how green I already was until I listed them.
    Write down your own list... you might surprise yourself too!

  10. Well done for mentioning the one about the shoes-off policy.

    I have an whole blog dedicated to the subject of removing shoes:
    Shoes Off at the Door, Please
    You might want to take a look.

  11. @Celestial Fundie -
    I didn't think anyone can do a whole blog on that, but you did, and very well, at that! Great blog! Thanks for sharing :)

  12. I'm glad to see I'm doing at least a handful of things on this list. What about the "if it's yellow, it's mellow"? I'm not familiar with this and just had to satisfy my curiousity :-)