Poll Results: Cell Phones - Never Leave Home Without 'Em

Image: Samurai on a Cell Phone by rumpleteaser

This week's poll attracted only 5 voters. I'd like to think my regular visitors just didn't know to look for it. :)
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This week's results didn't surprise me at all. All 5 voters considered their cellphones a must-have, never-leave-home-without-it item.

I would've voted the same way. If I'm out with the kids, I like to know that I can call Roomie or 911 in case of emergency, or if I'm out with the girls, I like to know that Roomie can reach me for any "Help, Mommy!" event.

Do you remember a time when we DIDN'T have cell phones? I don't. How did we arrange meet-ups with people on the fly? How did we call our spouses that we'd be late for dinner because we're stuck in traffic? Did we really run to the nearest pay phone only to find we had no quarters? Yipes!

If you have a concern or two that have kept you from getting your own cell phone, I've complied 5 Cell Phone Myths and their explanations.

Myth: You can unlock a car with a cell phone.
False - Unlocking your spouse's car door from home through your cell phones doesn't work because the only thing sent through is the tone of the button being pressed not the radio frequency needed to actually open the door.

Myth: Cell phones cause plane crashes.
Inconclusive - In 2003, the UK's Civil Aviation Authority ran some tests with simulated cell phone signals in a chamber on the ground, and found the signals interfered with the equipment. However, these results were never replicated in a running aircraft. Flight attendants will still make you shut down your stuff at takeoff and landings not only to err on the side of caution but to make sure laptops and cell phones don't go flying in an emergency stop.

Myth: Cell phones cause explosions at gas pumps.
False - Cell phones do not emit enough static electricity to ignite fuel vapours. This rumour was circulated in 2002 and stated that Shell warned of 3 instances of cell phone caused explosions. Shell has since claimed it was a hoax.

Myth: Cell phone signals disrupt hospital equipment, killing patients.
False - In a study performed by the Mayo Clinic in 2006 involving 300 tests, 2 cellular phones with different technologies from different carriers and 192 medical devices, no problems were encountered whatsoever. They encourage hospitals and clinics to alter or remove bans on cell phones.

Myth: Carrying a cell phone in your pocket will affect sperm count and cause male infertility.
True - sort of. An Ohio study divided 361 men based on the degree of their cell phone use, and although they have yet to test for other factors such as drug usage, occupation, etc., there was a correlation between low sperm count and high cell usage.


  1. I left my cell phone on my desk today as I had some running around to do around town (meetings, etc).

    I had to talk myself down from panicking ("you survived for 30 years without a cell phone; you drove for 12 years before you got access to one; you're in the city; it's warm out...")

  2. Four years ago I didn't have a cell phone. Hub had one for a long time-usually I had no need.

    Until we got trapped out on highway#1 just before highway #15. There is no gas station around for probably 5 miles.

    Some kind stranger picked us up and drove us to the gas station where we called for help.

    I got a cell phone the next day and haven't left home without it since!!

  3. @harmzie - I've had to talk myself "off the ledge" several times recently :)
    For me, it's all about "we just got the car fixed; it won't break down yet..."

    @lrm - yup, that would be enough to scare me into a cell phone purchase too. :)

  4. This is a great list Nenette!

    What did we ever do without them. I do think cell phones make our lives more chaotic, although a blessing as well.

    Just like a land line, there are times when you should be unavailable to receiving calls. We used to call it, "taking the phone off the hook."

  5. @jenhill -
    Thanks! :) yes, we take the cell phone "off the hook" when we get home. in our family, it's still a for-emergency device and for communication between Roomie, the kids and me.

    Another couple of question for us genX-ers:
    do you remember the last time you actually *dialed" a number? how many of the generations after us have actually used a rotary phone?! :)

  6. Cell phone schmell phone... we got one when we were spending more time on the highway between two cities. We spend less time on the highway now but still have it "for emergencies". The only time I carry it is when I go out on an errand and I'm instructed to take the phone with me.

    We got the cheapest plan available at the time (I think it's 12 minutes of air time per month. We have the same plan today although our carrier is trying to get us off of it in favour of something more expensive.

    If that happens we'll probably go for a pay-as-you go phone and end up having to pay to keep the account active.

    It does come in handy, even for less than 12 minutes a month, but I don't consider it indispensible.

    Now, the internet, that's another ball of wax altogether. For instance, watching TV tonight I noticed that the score at the top of the screen for HNIC was cut off; our TV wasn't showing the whole picture. There's no knob or screw that I can access to adjust this, and you know if I drag it into a shop it'll be a minimum charge of 1 hour plus taxes... 10 minutes with google and I found the instructions to get at the onscreen service menu, and 10 minutes later I made the adjustment myself. Yay for the WWW! :-)

    This is just one example... I'm sure you can all provide similar ones of how the wealth of info at your fingertips has enriched you.

  7. We buy monthly airtime too. $20/month, and we usually have more than half of that left over at day 30. Plus, the phone is free... my sister always gives me her old one when she gets a fancy new one.

    No, it's not indispensible, but my peace of mind is key. :)

    Funny... Roomie always gets the "bring the phone with you" shout when he's going grocery shopping or heading out for a run...
    once again, MY peace of mind is key. ;)

  8. Nen-last year I took my boy and two nieces to a little town museum.

    There was a rotary dial phone on the wall-all three kids were AMAZED!! They couldn't believe that I actually owned one!

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