What's Your Makeup Lingerie?

All my makeup fits in a small Kama Sutra Honey Dust tin... with room to spare. No, I don't have much makeup. Not anymore, at least. In my 20s, I experimented a LOT. I lived in Hawaii (you can get stuff in the US you just can't get in Canada) and Vancouver BC (you can get stuff in Vancouver you just can't get in Winnipeg) at the time. My bathroom counter was lined with every skincare and cosmetics line you can imagine!

But when I hit my 30s (and once again living in Winnipeg), I realized that sinking half my paycheque into an RRSP (registered retirement savings plan) rather than the local M.A.C. counter would probably be better for my future. Around this time, I started to adopt a more natural look, just enhancing what I already had.

Thus evolved what my friend Jen at Mythbuster Beauty calls my "makeup lingerie".

What is "makeup lingerie"?
It's the bra and panties of the face. It's what you would never leave the house without putting on first, just in case you run into an old high school rival or the ex who dumped you, or heaven forbid, you get hit by a bus (hope you have clean underwear on too!).

So, what's YOUR makeup lingerie?

Here's mine:
  • mascara - Avon Astonishing Lengths waterproof (black) - and my lashes must be curled!

  • brow gel - Rimmel Style & Shine

  • tinted lip balm - Aveda (coco plum)

  • tinted moisturizer - PF Organic wear (Natural to Tan) - used as concealer around the eyes

  • Okay, now you! :)


    1. eyeshadow by Christian dior
      and bath and body works lip gloss in watermelon!

    2. In order of priority:

      1. M.A.C Viva Glam VI (lipstick - it's in my purse and I LOVE it)
      2. M.A.C "Mothbrown" eyeshadow (it's dark grey)
      2. (yes, a tie) M.A.C "phone number" eyeliner (it's black).
      4. M.A.C - some kind of black mascara (don't recall - does the "formula" really make a difference?)
      5. M.A.C "Painterly" paintpot. Although these come in many colours (light shades, generally), I have my own skin tone and it acts like an eye concealer AND a base to 'hold down' the eyeshadow. That's what they told me anyway but it seems to be doing that!
      6. M.A.C "brule" eyeshadow highlights
      7. M.A.C blush (can't recall colour name)

      To 6 or 7 is a typical work-day (the blush is a new thing that I'm trying to get used to). In emergencies (I guess that's actually the point of the post!), as in, if I have 1 minute before walking out the door, I'll go to 2 (both). If I'm going "out on the town" (yeah right), I'm to use some "shroom" shimmery stuff.

      On weekends, I mostly forget the whole thing (as in, literally forget until I see a mirror and it's like "gaawwd, at least go to 2!").

    3. I walk to work every day, it's downhill, nothing strenuous, but the forehead is a little shiny when I arrive, so I don't wear anything. Plus I find I break out really bad if I wear make up all the time, even if I'm careful to wash it off each day. I do however have regular appointments to keep my brows in check and have my lashes tinted, so I guess that's my lingerie. Plus I use lip stuff all day to keep my lips from drying out in the air-conned office. And I use an SPF moisteriser for sun protection :-)

    4. As a fellow Canadian and one who works from home in the snow belt, my beauty routine generally involves:

      Step one: Get out of bed.
      Step two: Nope. No step two.

      When I do leave the house I use concealer and mascara, both by Clinique. When I'm going really crazy I'll add the lip tint in Black Honey because, even though my mother lives 3000 miles away, I know it upsets her.

    5. I fall prey to Sephora - so I usually wait until someone gets me a giftcard and then I'll go nuts. But here's what I usually do:

      1. Cosmedicine Medi-Matte SPF 15: this replaced my L'Occitane Matte Face Lotion. This works wonders esp around my t-zone! Since using this, my forehead doesn't shine as much as it used to and I eventually stopped wearing any kind of foundation.

      2. Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Kit: Never leave home without it on!

      3. Bobbi Brown Lip Liner - Raisin

      4. Bobbi Brown Lipstick - Raisin for daytime, Cassis for night

      5. And if I have extra time in the morning... Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner

      and something that is ALWAYS in my purse... chapstick or somekind of lipbalm and some oil blotting sheets.

    6. hmm, I suppose I'm a commando kind of gal when it comes to my makeup lingerie. Generally, I can't remember to put any on. Dr. Haushka moisturizer and that's it. I'd forget that too if my skin wasn't so dry.

      The odd times I do remember, I'll curl my eyelashes and put on eyeliner (some brown from body shop). I used to have a tube of lipstick, but seem to have lost it and haven't bought another.

      I keep thinking I should start to wear it again... we'll see if that ever happens.

    7. Physician's Formula Rx Concealer for the dark circles under my eyes and a eyeliner pencil to fill in my brows.
      That's my makeup lingerie, I guess. I always carry a lip balm with me. Addicted, I guess

    8. What a great post! I love to know what other's cannot live without.

      Mine right now?
      Alison Raffaele's Primer
      Lola's Mascara
      Urban Decay 24/7 Eye Pencils
      Tarte's Smooth Operator foundation
      Becca's Lip Gloss in Cherrybomb

      Best! Jen

    9. Oh I love Cosmedicine's Medi-Matte too!

    10. 1. L'Oreal double extension mascara -- this is my absolute make-up lingerie as i was not blessed with to die for lashes!

      2. Neutrogena Fine Fairness essence w/ SPF15

      3. Mary Kay Pink Diamonds lip gloss

    11. Wow, thanks to all for sharing your great lists!
      I must admit that the lists of my RL friends surprised me... I never realized harmzie was such a MAC maven!
      Thanks again!

    12. ...well it's a recent affliction. I never could stomach the drugstore brands. I used to do more Clinique, but I had to break myself of my addiction to the bonusses! Now everything I listed is pretty much everything I own. Buying more expensive stuff seems to limit the "I'll just try this" impulses. Even though apparently it's all made in the same factory anyway!

      I didn't think that I wore much make-up, but from the other comments (and the exercise of writing it all out), it seems I'm a pretty plastic girl! It takes a lot of work to look this "natural" ;-)

    13. Ok here's mine...
      1. Physician's Formula Mineral Wear mascara (yes, I now... i rave about it endlessly). This is my MUST wear.
      2. Some variety of Tinted Moisturizer: either PF Organic Wear or Sonia Kashuk, both with SPF.
      3. Brush my brows into shape with Sonia Kashuk brow brush.
      4. Lip balm in my purse: Chapstick, Burt's Bees, or My Lip Stuff.

      Those are my undies. :) I have much much more, but I only add more if I'm going out someplace special. And even then, I try to severely avoid the overdone look.

    14. For Day
      Bourjois Volume Clubbing Mascara in Ultra Black

      For going out at nite, I will add:
      Bourjois Clubbing Eyeliner & Benefits YouRebel Tinted Moisturizer

      (I guess it's the barely-there makeup lingerie...;-)

    15. @la bellina mammina:
      lol! well, it seems to be all you need. the pictures of you and your family... well, you're all beautiful. :)