My Mini's Baby Doll Sling

Mini decided that she wanted a sling for her baby doll like I had for her brother and her, so I hit the trusty ol' 'Net.

I found a really easy (and free) pattern by Jan Andrea, who makes great baby slings for non-doll babies too. "Easy" is key, because I'm a spaz on the sewing machine. The last time I made anything more complex than sewing closed a hole in Roomie's parka pocket was when I made a green gingham apron in Mrs. Cordner's Home-Ec class in Grade 7.

Anyway, the sling turned out really cute! And Mini loves it. She proudly carries her baby around the house, and she's looking forward to taking her baby on strolls down Corydon this summer.

So, now I'm making a bigger one for her slightly bigger baby doll and another for my friend Harmzie's girl G.

Yeah, sew one sling, and I'm ambitious and giddy with sewing power... :)


  1. It was really a beautiful sling. I liked it.


  2. thanks, it turned out much better than I thought it would. :)

  3. It looks awesome. I showed G the picture & she loves it! Also, so did the boy. And said he wants one too... I just tell you that because it's funny. Don't worry, they'll share!

  4. Glad you like it! We'll be coming by next week/weekend to drop it off. :)

  5. Anonymous05 May, 2008

    Should have come back here to say thanks! She loved(S) it & brought it to school for show & tell. She wore it the whole weekend - even in the car, where we had to work the seatbelt around it ;)

  6. Really?!!! That's so cool!!! I'm so glad she loves it.
    Big sis A hinted that she wanted one too... not sure how serious she was... does she really want one too? If so, I'll make her one. :)