Happy 1st Day of Spring!

Image: Flowers in Charlotte by SR4001

The snow is quickly melting here on the Canadian Prairie, and there are more and more days above 0C than below. Soon, I'll be putting away the parka and using my sarong as a wrap around skirt than a scarf. Yay!

For me, the start of spring signals me to get my winter garden plans going - but that doesn't mean I can start planting though! We've had snow drop in May, so I must be patient for a little while longer.

Meanwhile, I'm just happy that we've left the frigid cold behind for another year! It's time to celebrate... again! Yeah, I like to celebrate - maybe today I'll make some of my homemade BBQ marinade for the outdoor grill (the one that usually makes the whole neighbourhood drooling!), make a fruity tea drink, or maybe get some ingredients for halo-halo...

So, what do you plan to do to ring in the Spring?


  1. OK, I'll bite, can you provide your mouth watering homemade BBQ marinade? After such a build-up, expectations are high!

    Snow melting, hah! Rub it in. I don't want to hear any more bragging about enduring long cold prairie winters if spring arrives there sooner than here!

    I'll have to start shovelling now to get to my BBQ by Sunday... I'll have to move about a ton of snow to make a path to it, and then dig it out. It used to be detectable as a white lump of snow in the back yard, but now the snow in the yard is so high that there's no lump, so I'll have to go by memory... :-(

  2. alright, i'll post the bbq recipe soon...
    commiserations on the snow... but you guys don't get the -45C windchill for weeks that we usually get, do you? now *that's* evil!