"My Earth" Mondays: A New LifeCandy Project

Image: LIVE EARTH by *L*u*z*a*

Inspired by Vanessa's 365-days of green and Shai's weekly community projects, I now embark on my own weekly odyssey ... and I'm taking you with me!

I like to think I'm a pretty "green" girl. I recycle, compost, and try to be a conscious and responsible consumer. But no, I haven't gone anywhere near as green as I could go - as we should all go.


Every Monday, I'll be posting a task, a challenge, to further greenify my own little corner of the globe. This task I'll try to incorporate into my daily life, enforce on my poor unsuspecting family, and see if it's something I can do for the rest of my life.

And then...

I'll let you know the following week if it was easy, difficult, made my skin glow, or caused my Roomie to leave me for a Hummer-driving, fur-wearing, silicon babe.

Oh, can I join too?

Yes, anyone is welcome to join! When you visit here on a "My Earth" Monday and want to participate in the challenge that week, just let me know via comment or via email.
The following week, I'll list all participants (unless you don't want me to) with a link back to you.

Can I challenge you?

Yes, if you have a green idea or product you want me to try, I may just agree to be your guinea pig. :) Just email me.

Anything else?

I'll also use "My Earth" Mondays to share cool pictures of this wonderful world we call home (until we get off our big, fat bums and colonize the Moon and Mars), the cultural stories of our fellow earthlings, and other green treats I find.

So, that's it. I'm charged and ready to go! Hey, I can feel my eco footprint shrinking already. :)


  1. Two unrelated comments/questions...

    A) How do you do your composting in winter? Even if my compost bin was accessible with all the snow, nothing's going to break down in this cold and it would fill up with frozen waste instead of with stuff that looks more like soil.

    B) No way Roomie would leave you for a silicone babe, but for a silicon babe (e.g. a robot), I think the technology would have to be somewhat more advanced than the current state of the art! Archie Wood's Robbie the Robot has nothing on you! For fun maybe you can ask Roomie which fictional robot would be considered in your place... he's smart, he'll have a good answer!

  2. A) We just dump it all in and let it freeze. As soon as spring hits, it all thaws and breaks down really fast. We won't be gardening during the winter anyway, so we don't need it to look like soil.

    B) One word: Fembot

    (That's my guess. I haven't asked him yet.)

  3. * you have to have several, dedicated garbage pails in which to stockpile your slop
    * you have to have space (& resolve) to save the "brown" - the results of the fall clean up.
    * you have to have a cold, or a nose-of-steel, to be able to process the stockpiles in the spring - actually, closer to summer by the time it all melts - (even if it is your S.O. who is doing the processing)
    * you have to have a good relationship with your neighbours, to whom you will be apologizing for the olifactory offence! (essential)
    * you have to have a place to put the resulting black gold, that's produced every 2 weeks if you've kept up with the turning
    * oh, yeah! You need a compost turner (but not in the winter, which was the question)

  4. Great idea, Nenette. Will be interesting to see how this works out. I don't consider myself a real 'greenie' but we'll see if I can join 'ya.

  5. Sounds like a fabulous idea! I can't wait to see what kind of challenges you come up with. I'm sure I'll find something I'd like to participate in. :)

  6. @shai & @zandria - we are both welcome to join anytime! I look forward to it. :)