What are You Watching these Days?

Image: TV by Gilgongo

The TV is always on in this house. We're not necessarily watching, but it's still on, and Roomie constantly complains how noisy it is.

Truth be told, I like the noise. Having the TV on in the background adds to the dynamic energy of my home, especially if it's on MuchMusic. It makes making dinner, cleaning up, and doing other chores much more entertaining.

A few weeks back, my friend Shai wrote a post about her TV watching habits, and it got me thinking about the shows that get me to stop and watch. Not many on the "watch" list, but a lot on the "wish I could watch" list, which was expected.

So, how about you? Do you like to watch TV? What are your favourite shows? Or do you have a TV-free household?

All Time Faves:
Shows I will watch if it happens to come on, or if I'm bored and have nothing else to watch. I will watch the reruns over and over and over... probably into my 100s!
  • Friends - I was the same age as Rachel at the time, so I basically lived my 20s with her, going through the exact same thing at the exact same time. We were even pregnant at the same time.
  • Futurama - Very clever writing that always makes me laugh.
  • * NewsRadio - I can't believe I forgot this! This, to me, is a classic. Excellent writing and excellent characters... a show that was never the same after they lost the late great Phil Hartman... but the episodes with him in them will always be my favourites.
  • * SCTV - They made my Friday nights when I was growing up in the 80s.

  • What I Currently Watch:
    Will tape these for later consumption...
  • Digging for the Truth - I love archaeology & history (I was going to enroll in Anthropology if I hadn’t gone into Engineering), and Josh Bernstein is very easy on the eyes.
  • Small Space, Big Style - I fantasize about having a smaller, lower-maintenance dwelling. I currently live in only 1400 sq.ft., and it's still too big for me.

  • Shows I Wish I Can Catch Up On:
    Really cool shows I watched in the beginning, but I've missed too many episodes to keep up to the story arcs.
  • Battlestar Galactica - I watch the original as a kid, and want to see this. Will definitely get the DVDs.
  • Smallville - I've seen the first couple of seasons, but missed episodes of the next few... now there are characters I don't recognize and stories that make me go 'wha-?'
  • Heroes - Saw the first 5 episodes
  • Eureka - I still catch an episode or two of this... don't need to watch them in order... the lead guy is super cute.
  • Stargate Atlantis - I watched SG-1 religiously and never really got into the first season of this show because of that... now that SG-1 is done, I wish I'd watched Atlantis from the start.
  • * Corner Gas - Canadian humour is among the best in the world.

  • I never got into Desperate Housewives, Lost, and Ugly Betty... And I wish I did because my friends have raved about them. I love watching Home and Garden and Food Network too.
    I still have a ton of movies on DVD and video just waiting for me to watch on a rainy day or a quiet moment. Oh, and because my kids watch TreehouseTV, I get to enjoy shows like Miss Spider and Yo Gabba Gabba from time to time.

    Can't wait to learn about your TV habits!

    * - Updated on March 29, 2008


    1. I would love to be a TV-free household. I've been better since Neal arrived, but we're nowhere near cancelling the cable. Actually, we might be adding more channels. HGTV!! woohoo!

      Here's my list:

      All time Faves: Coronation Street. Friends (it's almost always on some channel). I often catch the late night Futurama.

      What I currently watch: Coronation Street. That's about it. I miss most of prime time these days.

      Shows I wish I can catch up on: Big Love (I've only watched 2 episodes - too early to really know if it's worth following), Life (I think it's returning next season).

      I'm sure there's more, but I can't think of any right now... and I should really be working instead of doing this :-)

    2. I don't tend to watch TV regularly. The last thing I *tried* to get into was the Tudors, but first I could never get to the time-slot & would end up having to catch up on-line (how's that for the new medium?!) Then I just got too far behind & was rather bored (even though KH VIII was HOT!) Before that was the West Wing - I think I even got the kids IN BED by 8:00 one time (it hasn't happened since...)

      yeah, Friends. Simpsons; X-Files (never really could keep track of wtf was going on in that, but I liked it); Good Eats; Dallas - you bet!

      Family Guy; CSI (any one is my brain candy); Steven Colbert; Jon Stewart;

      Shows I wish I could [get into]:
      The Office - everyone tells me I'd love it and I believe them but I just can't commit..
      Corner Gas - I nearly pee myself any time I DO watch it (thank you Comedy Channel!) but again with the commitment thing...

      [+] Shows I'm glad I never DID get into (that everyone else seemed to be):
      Desperate Hoes (oops!) - never had a tickle of a desire for that; Grey's Anatomy; Lost; Survivor; AND one movie: Titanic - YAY! never seen it!

      So... somehow I don't follow anything in particular and I STILL end up watching too much TV!!!

    3. Would you believe that 4 years ago, I gave up "watching" tv for Lent? The only time it was on was for the morning news on weather and traffic. I can proudly say that now we have been cable-free for almost 3 years (altho that's prolly gonna change with the new one).

      Faves: Friends (of course!), Fresh Prince, The Cosby Show, Whose Line

      Currently Watch (thanks to Netflix and online): Heroes (all caught up), Lost (really that show is like crack), Lipstick Jungle (just getting into it), The Hills (guilty!)

      Catch Up On: I just miss watching random shows on Food Network, Style, and HGTV.

    4. Except for special occasions -- like gold medal games in hockey... men's hockey only! and the Stanley Cup finals (only if the home team is participating! and the Queen's Xmas day speech (just to drive SWMBO nuts) and the occasional kids' movie, the TV isn't turned on until the kids are in bed and the dishes done. Our kids are aware that some of their classmates spend their evenings in front of the TV but don't bug us about it. It's not an issue with them.

      I tape The Hour at 8PM and watch it later in the evening --- even if I start it at 11PM when the second broadcast is on, it's faster to FF through commercials.

      SWMBO won't miss the Amazing Race. I'll watch it with her but otherwise I'd pass on it.

      No evening soap operas for us. If I feel like vegging out King of the Hill and Family Guy are great for that.

      And the all-time best TV show ever was... SCTV. I have the DVD releases but they haven't put out the complete sets of the pre-NBC years with Harold Ramis. I have some of those on VHS.

    5. Yes! SCTV - definitely one of the best shows ever! Add it to my list.

    6. Great lists, guys!
      I can't believe I forgot SCTV (All Time), Corner Gas (Wish), and CSI:NY (Current)... I even found myself crushing on Gary Sinise a little bit. Thanks for the reminder... :)

    7. You already know my "watch list", so I won't list them here. Just want to say thanks for the link love. ;-)