Fruit-Designated Clothing...

Photo: Strawberry by sigusr0

I don't have the typical pear-shaped figure most women have.
In my late teens, I hated that. While my girlfriends would lament their rounded hips and bootilicious booties, I'd be green with envy, cursing my boyish hips and flat bum.

To make matters worse, I started developing (oh, horror!) a monstrous bustline! At 17, I truly had no concept of the womanly power I had growing in the shirt of my school uniform. All I knew was that I didn't enjoy playing sports like I used to, like my A-cup classmates still could, I hated wearing an industrial strength bra, and my back hurt!

That was then...

This is now...

I absolutely love my body! Should come as no surprise - I wrote an article about it. My physique is best described as strawberry-shaped: broad shoulders, large bust and a short waist that tapers down to small hips/butt/thighs.
When my body is healthy and strong, my waist gives me a more hourglass look. My beloved squats and warrior poses lift and shape my butt. And a great professionally-fitted bra makes my 32Es look even more spectacular!

Now that I've come to appreciate - and obviously, brag about - what I have, I've also come to accept that there are some looks I could never pull off. One ensemble of note is the "baggy top and skinny pants" look. The top drapes over and hangs down making me look about 6 months pregnant, and that, paired with the emphasized thinness of my legs (thanks to the skinny pants), makes me look like a chicken.
A sad-looking, 6-month pregnant chicken.

So, during a recent purge, I removed all the tent-like baggy tops, high-waisted pants, and high-necked shirts. And I have kept the clothes that skim the waist, jeans/pants that ride low on my hip bones, and v-neck/scoop-necked shirts.

You should see the number of clothes I've already shipped out in Goodwill boxes! And I didn't have many clothes in the first place.
According to the Pareto Principle, we wear "our 20% most favoured clothes about 80% of the time". I think I'm on my way to wearing 100% of my clothes 100% of the time, and little ol' strawberry me is very happy about that.


  1. Nenette, you lucky, lucky girl! You are a rare breed, having the least common body type. And you can wear knee-length tiered, pleated and gathered skirts... and rock it! Too bad we're different cities, or we could have exchanged clothes. You would look great in most of the stuff that make me look.... well, not too hot.

  2. I LOVE your clothes! You always had great style... If you were here, I'd be totally into a clothing exchange... time for you guys to move back home, then, eh?! ;)