Dreaming of a Greener, White Christmas...

Photo: reindeers following the white elephant by Carolyn Coles

For me, the designing and writing of greeting cards marks the official start of the Holiday Season. Only when they're done and sent out can I decorate the tree and start my baking with the true Spirit of the Season in my heart.

I arrange these cards myself complete with a picture of the family and a personal message from us. The design isn't fancy, much like my blog. A lot of white space. A font sans serif. More substance than flash.

In the past, I also included an update letter - our light-hearted look back at the notable events of the past year.

But, for me, these missives, as wonderful as they are, truly are poor use of paper - especially when you consider the number of cards I send out each year. So, this year and ever more, our cards will be sent without one (and I'm thinking of cutting down on the number of cards I'll send out too).

Oh, I love sharing my experiences with my family & friends - and apparently the rest of the world too, as evidenced by this blog - but these slips of paper will inevitably end up in a recycling bin, as someone's clutter, or in, heaven forbid, a landfill!

I try to be a green girl... I recycle, I compost, and I go organic wherever I can. I take the car only when I have many errands to run, and there are always at least 2 people in it. I reuse gift wrapping, and our tree's lights are on only from sundown till bedtime.
So, the decision to go paper missive-free feels right.

But family and friends who look forward to getting our updates will not go without. I'll be adding something new to the design of our Holiday Cards: the URL to our family blog where our annual missives will be posted from this year on.

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