8 Things I Love About My Body

24 October 2007

"My Body is a Temple" ~ Nenette Alejandria Mayor

I love my body, therefore, I practice CRON.

Many CRON detractors would consider that statement an outright lie. Why? Because these uninformed masses claim that CRON is an eating disorder, and an aspect of EDs is the hatred of one's body.

I love every inch of me, and because I do, I want to honour this Temple by eating vitamin-and-nutrient-packed foods in quantities that don't overload me or put stress on my system. And CRON is the scientifically proven way for me to keep this gorgeous body of mine for as long as possible.

So, in this day and age when talking about your own lovely bits could be considered gauche, conceited or offensively braggart, I throw caution and modesty to the wind and tell you the 8 things I love about my body. I will then tag 8 of my CRON bloggers to do the same.

And if you don't practice CRON, that's cool too. Please share your list of 8 Things. It can be anything about your body... from head to toe. Don't be modest! Everyone should have a healthy self-esteem. It may feel weird at first, but you'll be happy you did it. After I did my list, I loved myself even more! :)

So, do it! Be proud of who you are, take very good care of yourself, and love your body.

Okay, I love my...

1. short-waisted torso - it makes my legs look longer
2. breasts that after nursing babies for 5 years straight still have some buoyancy
3. skintone - aka the island-girl perma-tan... a friend once described me as "the girl with cafe au lait skin"
4. broad shoulders - kinda makes my head look small, but they look phenomenal when bare
5. thick black wavy hair, that at times has a mind of its own!
6. posture and how I carry my body, sometimes accident-prone but for the most part quite graceful
7. long piano-playing fingers which, although not used for piano-playing anymore, are great at typing out my thoughts at great speed
8. my lips - not too thin, not too Angelina Jolie, just right

Okay, your turn!

This post inspired by April's CR Blog post "I've Changed My Mind: I'm Ready For You This Time".

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April said...

awesome post! I'll think about it and post mine tonight.

Great idea!


nen.mayor@gmail.com (Nenette AM) said...

Thanks, April. I just added a link to your post at the bottom as it was the inspiration for this.


skinnybitch said...

Hi Nenette,

I posted mine as well. Good idea!


Cam said...

I love your body, too! w00t!

Janesca said...

I like this idea muchly Nenette. I've bounced from your blog to April's to Robin's and to Emi's and it's be a great jaunt through CR-blogland today. Thanks!

Here's to the power of positive thinking. Cheers!

(as an aside--this is Jessica, from Facebook. Your fellow Stargate and Farscape fan. ;) )

nen.mayor@gmail.com (Nenette AM) said...

Great hearing from you, Jessica!
Very glad you liked the post!

So, what are your list of 8 things? :)


nen.mayor@gmail.com (Nenette AM) said...

Just read your list, Robin! Loved it!

Your eyes sound like my husband's... except his have a bit of blue-grey flecks too(sometimes he looks like he has blue eyes depending on what colour shirt he wears).


nen.mayor@gmail.com (Nenette AM) said...

Back at ya, hubby! :)

Miss Tenacity said...

Ok, I've done my own!

Eight not so easy pieces

nenette@lifecandy.net said...

Just checked your list and left a comment! Loved it! :)


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