3yo/5yo Conversations from the Next Room

(FYI: Lucai is 3yo MN's nickname for 5yo LA...)

"Hello? Where's my 100 dollars?"
"Lucai, I'm the dragon!"


"Oh, Lucai!"
In a sing-song voice: "Just a minute, I'm just taking a picture of my butt..."


"You know what I'm making, Lucai?"
"I'm making soup!"
"You lie down... You're in a cave!"
"You like soup?"


The 3yo walks in with a long piece of tape on her nose...
"Lucai, I'm pretending I'm an elephant."
"Okay. Are you lost, elephant?"
"You want to eat?"
"Ask me if I want dog food."
"You want dog food, elephant?"
"HEY! Lucai! That's not dog food!"
"I'm pretending it's dog food."
"Oh, okay..."

1 comment:

  1. Sophia(the almost 4yr old) attempts kidyoga with some help from her 21mth old sister.
    Sophia: Elena, get off. I'm trying to do diggity dogg down......
    Elena: I doin diddy down
    Sophia: No, that's moo and meow
    Elena: moo moo here E-I-E-I-O!

    Ahahaha... kids are so funny