Reaching Home (& Blog!) Design Perfection

Photo: Kipple Multiplies by Nenette

This morning, Roomie & I were enjoying a rare un-interrupted cuddle on the livingroom couch when I told him I wanted to move the furniture again.

"But I thought you liked the shelves there."
"No, you liked the shelves there."
"So, is the couch moving too?"
"Yup, over by that wall."
"You said you liked it here."
"Under the window?! I NEVER liked it under the window!!!"

Okay, I've just gone from zero to sixty in a millisecond, worked myself up, and now I'm screeching like a banshee. Great.
Suddenly looking quite frightened, Roomie is now wondering how this cuddle went so wrong so fast, and hopes his crazed wife doesn't rip his head off.

This happens often. Not the screeching banshee bit - although Roomie might disagree - but the constant moving, changing and shifting of things in my environment... It could be anything from my furniture placement, my blog design (more on that in a minute), to which cabinet the straws are in this month.

I may sound fickle, but there is a method to my madness. You see, I'm no designer, and I rarely ever have a "Final Perfect Vision" of where things should be. For me, design is an iterative process; I change something, see if it works, then if needed, I change some more.
I guess you can say that I design as I write. I type or scribble madly, then edit and move sentences around until I love it, am happy with it, and truly feel it conveys my message.

Do I ever reach perfection? No, but I come pretty damn close... just enough to make me happy yet keep me from getting bored.

The same thing holds true for my beloved blog. You may have noticed that its design has changed a lot over the last month. I...
- changed my profile picture from the cartoon avatar to a real picture of me, then back again to the cartoon avatar.
- removed the "Life. Simply Sweet. Less Crap." wordings over my profile pic, then put it back again.
- added and changed the About page a couple of times.
- changed the words beside the profile pic numerous times.
- removed and put back the email subscription form and the "live traffic feed" widget.
- widened the screen to allow the second column to widen as well (probably less obvious).
- added, then removed, then added and changed the Adsense ads.

And those are just the smaller, more recent changes. If you've just started reading me (and welcome, by the way! :), here's a rundown of the 3 major changes since this blog was born...

March 2007: Blog created under, titled "My Body is a Temple", as a CRON for Longevity diary.
July 2007: Changed URL to to conform with the title and to encompass not only my CRON practice but my entire healthy lifestyle.
October 2007: Moved blog to my current URL (still hosted by Blogger, of course!), drastically changed my layout and blog 'look', and now I write about my healthy lifestyle, my desire to improve my life and my world, and my belief that living simply is living sweet.

I'm still trying to find perfection or, at least, satisfaction with this new layout, so expect to see some more changes. But, so far, so good, don't you think? Any suggestions? :)

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