Familyroom Redo Foiled by Kipple, news at 11...

Trust my friends to be there for me in my time of "what the heck do I do now?!!" :)
Thanks again to everyone for your encouragement and support! A special thanks to Deborah for her suggestions!

After writing yesterday's post, I grabbed a cup of my favourite lemongrass green tea and went to work on my familyroom action plan, keeping in mind the suggestions you all gave me. Was I also avoiding the kipple? Of course! - what did you all think?! LOL

Okay, here's a picture of my dorm-y familyroom, just click to enlarge. That's my son. Don't know why he's got my hula sarong on his head.
Anyway, because my familyroom/kitchen (I have to treat them as one) is so small, I really don't have much to work with. Heck, my whole house is small, just 1384 sq.ft. But I like that! I always thought it would force me to live minimally... Boy, was I wrong!

Anyway, small house... this is why my favourite HGTV show is "Small Space, Big Style! I'm always inspired by the streamlined minimalism on that show. I ALWAYS watch it for ideas... it's my favourite... yes, I'm a geek... but I really love that show, enough to tape episodes in between Gerry Butler interviews I've saved... ooo, geek quotient just went up a little more, eh?

Unfortunately, before I can start any new projects or restart any old ones, I really have to kick the kipple. That is step one!

But after that's done, this is what I have planned...

1) Theme: Island Plantation
- I'm an island girl, and this decorating style gives me flexibility to show off my filipino heritage without being over-the-top. It'll work well with the existing cedar ceiling, simple kitchen cabinetry, and patio deck doors that let the outdoors in. So, plants, white-washed walls, dark natural furniture...

2) Walls: White (preferably "Debbie's White" from the Debbie Travis Collection at Canadian Tire - this is the same white as I painted in our livingroom)
- Clean and bright (and not the builder's beige that my husband hates!). The cedar ceilings make the room a little dark, so this should help remedy that.
- Also, someone else will have to paint... the powder room and livingroom were tough enough for me to do... the tall walls leading up to the vaulted ceiling of the familyroom/kitchen will be a nightmare I won't want to deal with myself!

3) Furnishings:
- Futon - going into the basement... once the clutter is gone from there!... yup, kipple again! I'll be moving the loveseat from the livingroom into this room and throwing a fitted slipcover on it.
- Coffee Table - big! and one that can store toys in it. Most of the toys are upstairs in their room, but they are allowed to bring some down here to play with during the day. They're still learning about cleaning up... interesting how 5 and 3 year olds resist that lesson...
- Lighting - new table lamp and a ceiling fan with wide blades for a tropical look.
- Entertainment unit - toy shelf will be stained and re-purposed for the tv/dvd/gamecube.

4) Computer:
- The computer here is actually the kids' computer... moving this computer will result in mayhem, anarchy, and general pandemonium.. at least more than there already is... they'll want to use our computer (which is a couple of steps away in the diningroom), and that is not acceptable! :)
I'll find a way to hide it when not in use.

5) Photos/Artwork:
- The hubby and I both agreed last night that our existing display of photos "looks like barf". LOL
We'll be remounting/reframing hubby's print of the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel that he got as a teen in Italy and putting it on the wall above the loveseat.
Existing barfy pictures will be re-framed and moved into the diningroom.

What do you think? Can you picture it?
Alright, time to get another cup of green tea and get back to the kipple...

37 year old mother of 2 lives in dorm, news at 11...

I'm a follower of feng shui.
(It stems from my belief that everything is energetically interconnected and that "we are all made of starstuff", which for me to explain, would require a month and a couple cases of tequila, which would difficult since I'm protecting the temple.)

And symbolic feng shui is of particular interest in its simplicity and elegance. Basically, it means that your belongings, everything you own and see EVERYDAY symbolize and represent your subconscious dreams, desires and objectives.

For example, if your stuff is broke, so are you!... so if your toaster just broke down, don't put up with it - fix it! Or throw it out and get a new one.

So, this leads to my dilemma... my familyroom, which also resides in the Prosperity Gua of the house, is a constant mess thanks to the toys (even before my current decluttering extravaganza)... my finances are a mess?... we lose a lot of heat in this cold room... money is leaking out of unseen cracks?... and looking around objectively, I discover that my familyroom looks like a dorm room!!!... is this why I feel like a starving student sometimes?!!!

Seriously, aside from the gorgeous cedar plank ceiling, the rest of the room (which is open to the kitchen and diningroom) looks cheaply assembled, as if we're still living with family hand-me-downs! Observe...

- #1: the Vim bottle green walls (what were we drinking when we chose this colour?!)
- #2: the mismatched picture frames
- #3: the bent-up retro lampshade from hubby's mom's house (doesn't quite match the wall colour, but close... ugh)
- #4: the computer on a small kids' table, currently posing as a side table to the...
- #5: futon, with its sun-moon-stars cover, that keeps slipping of its wooden frame
- #6: and the total lack of... coffee table, rug, counter stools, and proper entertainment center


Okay, I need an action plan... that mom needs to graduate!

Kicking the Kipple: Books, books and more books!!!

I incorrectly told Myrtle yesterday that I only had 10-15 books on my shelves, the rest being hubby's.
Boy, was I wrong!
Yikes! So I hereby officially apologize to Myrtle for lying to her! LOL
I still claim the majority of the books to be hubby's, but my own collection far exceeds 15! And I'm not sure how many more I can part with.
Books are a big problem for declutterers and simple-life questers. Robin and Myrtle both mentioned their book collections, and I must admit that I have my own that I must deal with.

Over the years, I've already managed to get rid of...
- old textbooks and log books from my days as a software design engineer (although we still have hubby's electrical engineering texts and assorted nerd books)
- romance novels that I've read and passed on to my niece
- numerous career self-help books that I bought when I was "looking for my true calling"
- baby books (as my babies aren't "babies" anymore)
- other "what was I thinking?!" books

Today, I'm a lifestyle writer, blogger, and writer of erotica, and you'll have to pry my favourite erotic romance novels, my writing references, and various journals from my cold dead hands before I part with them.

Other books I'll be keeping are...
- feng shui books
- gardening books
- recipe books
- various health/mind/body books (includes my CRON books!)
- financial self-help books

I guess the most important thing is to keep books that reflect who I am, who I want to become, and what I want out of life. Everything else is just kipple.

I'll be putting my books on my 100 list by name, so if you're curious about what kind of books I own, stay tuned...