37 year old mother of 2 lives in dorm, news at 11...

I'm a follower of feng shui.
(It stems from my belief that everything is energetically interconnected and that "we are all made of starstuff", which for me to explain, would require a month and a couple cases of tequila, which would difficult since I'm protecting the temple.)

And symbolic feng shui is of particular interest in its simplicity and elegance. Basically, it means that your belongings, everything you own and see EVERYDAY symbolize and represent your subconscious dreams, desires and objectives.

For example, if your stuff is broke, so are you!... so if your toaster just broke down, don't put up with it - fix it! Or throw it out and get a new one.

So, this leads to my dilemma... my familyroom, which also resides in the Prosperity Gua of the house, is a constant mess thanks to the toys (even before my current decluttering extravaganza)... my finances are a mess?... we lose a lot of heat in this cold room... money is leaking out of unseen cracks?... and looking around objectively, I discover that my familyroom looks like a dorm room!!!... is this why I feel like a starving student sometimes?!!!

Seriously, aside from the gorgeous cedar plank ceiling, the rest of the room (which is open to the kitchen and diningroom) looks cheaply assembled, as if we're still living with family hand-me-downs! Observe...

- #1: the Vim bottle green walls (what were we drinking when we chose this colour?!)
- #2: the mismatched picture frames
- #3: the bent-up retro lampshade from hubby's mom's house (doesn't quite match the wall colour, but close... ugh)
- #4: the computer on a small kids' table, currently posing as a side table to the...
- #5: futon, with its sun-moon-stars cover, that keeps slipping of its wooden frame
- #6: and the total lack of... coffee table, rug, counter stools, and proper entertainment center


Okay, I need an action plan... that mom needs to graduate!


  1. Hi there,
    I'm all over this like a coat of great new paint :)
    It's time to spend some money.(but not too much of course) First, sit and watch HGTV for a while to get inspired. Second..go find a couch that you all LOVE..it will take 12 weeks to arrive,
    So Fourth, you'll have time to repaint the walls (go to Benjamin Moore, pick the colors, go to Duron and they will match it for 1/2 the Benjamin Moore price :)
    Fifth: Do a little re-framing..or find stuff (art, tapestry, family photos that could be enlarged, some nice pottery) from other parts of the house. Def. get a new lampshade.
    6th: Move the computer out of there. (I have one computer on a small desk in my kitchen, another is in the "office" which is the 4th bdrm.
    7th: Move the futon to a basement/guest room/ kids play room(?) A while I'm on that subject...give the kids a play room, if they don't have one..try to carve one out of a room..get all their stuff away from your stuff and you will find peace and harmony in no time flat.
    Okay, where was I? Oh 8th: nice entertainment center. Of course, that will be determined by the size of the TV and whether it will get bigger at Christmas (they are never big enough according to most hubby's polled) So, low flat bookcases, even something from Circuit City (not to pricey and they actually look pretty good) will do the trick and then another books case (matching wood) for the movies/CD's. Hide wires too. Sauder is a good brand for bookcases if you can't go with the real wood.

    That's my plan. We did it when the kids were 3 & 5 and haven't looked back since (the futon has even survived 8 moves)

    Oh, if futon can't be moved, def find a new cover. that's a great way to spruce it up.

    Above all, have fun!!!!

  2. Hi Nennette
    I'm a fan of Feng Shui. I'm glad you're studying it and seeing how it applies to your living conditions. There are some basic design concepts built into Feng Shui that make a lot of sense, such as the relationship between the bathroom to the kitchen, the placement of the bed in the room. I'm afraid to do it on my new tiny apartment. Speaking of bed placement I may need to place a "cure" because my feet in the bed positioning are facing the door, the way they carry you out. Well, I hung a crystal on a red string in between the door and the bed, so maybe I've instinctively taken care of it.

    But the most important thing the analysis will tell me is to get rid of clutter. Since the apartment is tiny, that is difficult to do. I intend to purge some more during the Labor Day weekend.