Kicking the Kipple: Books, books and more books!!!

I incorrectly told Myrtle yesterday that I only had 10-15 books on my shelves, the rest being hubby's.
Boy, was I wrong!
Yikes! So I hereby officially apologize to Myrtle for lying to her! LOL
I still claim the majority of the books to be hubby's, but my own collection far exceeds 15! And I'm not sure how many more I can part with.
Books are a big problem for declutterers and simple-life questers. Robin and Myrtle both mentioned their book collections, and I must admit that I have my own that I must deal with.

Over the years, I've already managed to get rid of...
- old textbooks and log books from my days as a software design engineer (although we still have hubby's electrical engineering texts and assorted nerd books)
- romance novels that I've read and passed on to my niece
- numerous career self-help books that I bought when I was "looking for my true calling"
- baby books (as my babies aren't "babies" anymore)
- other "what was I thinking?!" books

Today, I'm a lifestyle writer, blogger, and writer of erotica, and you'll have to pry my favourite erotic romance novels, my writing references, and various journals from my cold dead hands before I part with them.

Other books I'll be keeping are...
- feng shui books
- gardening books
- recipe books
- various health/mind/body books (includes my CRON books!)
- financial self-help books

I guess the most important thing is to keep books that reflect who I am, who I want to become, and what I want out of life. Everything else is just kipple.

I'll be putting my books on my 100 list by name, so if you're curious about what kind of books I own, stay tuned...


  1. How titillating! I can never part with books. trashy romance yes, but not the good stuff. Drive my hubby nuts that I even read it, but hey, you got to escape once in a while..right?
    I've got those, then there are the health books, the genealogy books, the design just really never ends does it?!?!?
    Good luck. Hard to say what the rule with books is (It's not easy like the three-years-in-a-closet-without-ever touching-it rule)

  2. I could never, ever get rid of my books.

    I'm a horrible hoarder too. I only just managed to shred some bank statements from the 90's last week.

  3. No need to apologize. Books somehow multiply when you're not looking. You probably did have 10-15 not so long ago.

    When I was in my apartment, I kept my books to my one bookshelf. When it was overflowing and books were congregating elsewhere, it was time to purge. It's gotten out of hand again now that we're in the house...