kitchen/family room: before & after.

My husband is not only cute, he is also very smart. Smart enough -- 5 years ago -- to know that you do not argue with your 6-months-pregnant wife, no matter how incredibly, obviously WRONG she is.
Like when she decides that the most perfectly gorgeous colour for the cedar-ceilinged, open-concept kitchen/familyroom addition is... green.

Oh, he's clever, so he knew we'd end up with...

Kitchen - Before

Family Room - Before

...and still he said nothing. I think he was afraid I'd finally go through with my threat of sitting on him. I was a very heavy pregnant lady.

Luckily, after Mini was born, the pregnancy hormones washed away, the fog lifted, and I realized my terrible sin against the gods of good home aesthetics.

Look at it! It was like living in a cave! A cave where the Vim Monster came and threw up.  And made a mess of my house. Threw toys around. Put various papers on our counter, and littered our fridge door.  Uh, yeah, the Vim Monster did all of that. Bad, bad messy Vim Monster...


Anyway, so what now? Well, I knew that...

(a) the green walls are competing with all the wood, so the wall had to be neutral to allow the real showpiece of the room to shine: the cedar ceiling.
(b) the ceiling made the room dark, so the walls had to be light.
(c) we would NEVER paint the cedar ceilings.
(d) Roomie hates beige.
(e) I've always wanted all-white walls.

So, after 6 bloody years of staring at depressing Vim-puke walls, I hopped on our new ladder and started slapping on the same white paint I used in the livingroom, and ended up with...

Kitchen - After (Night)

Family Room - After (Day)

Gorgeous, eh?!!!

Oh, but check how this room shines at night!

Family Room - After (Night)

I still need to get new window dressing for the kitchen and iron the curtain in the family room, but still, OMG, what a difference!!! Very happy. The work was worth it.

Yes, you may now applaud. xo

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