rebuilding the temple. a post *not* about my kitchen/familyroom reno. that's for another post. maybe tomorrow.

This is a picture of me NOT at 140.

It is however a picture of me in my new vest that my darling daughter tried to dissuade me from buying. Oh, she thought Mommy looked "very nice" in it, but since I told her that I didn't want to spend any money that day, she did all she could to be helpful.
Seriously, she was chasing me around the store, "No, Mama! Don't buy it! Don't buy it!", screaming like a cute, tiny banshee. Hm. I wonder who she got that from.

But, as you can see, I bought it anyway, and Mini learned that her mother has very little willpower.

Where was I? Oh, yeah, 140. I topped 140 not long ago. Not a good thing, when...

.: you are a small-boned 5'4"
.: you've been told you are healthiest at around 115-120 (and you feel it too)
.: you were diagnosed with insulin resistance
.: you have borderline high cholesterol
.: you're trying to get all hot and bikini-ready for the summer

And I know many of you are saying "What? 140 isn't bad!". Well, it is, when about 38% of it is fat. When you feel like crap. When your sarong-wearing self is struttin' all hot-n-sexy down the beach boardwalk at Spruce Woods, sucking in your gut, and daring everyone the entire time with your evil eye to ask you when your "baby" is due!

But look, there's less of me now! I'm not sure what I weigh at the mo'. I'm not sure I want to check. All I know is that I feel good and can now wear some of my favourite t-shirts without looking like a stuffed eggroll. Or a certain wallet that will go nameless.

How, Nenette? How are you doing it?

I've gone Primal, baby! It's basically how I used to eat when I lost weight and got heathy in 2006 doing CRON -- low carb/high nutrition -- but without the calorie restriction. In a nutshell, primal eating means no grains, no starchy carbs, no sugar. And No. Tracking. Calories.

Just quality protein, veggies, fruit, healthy fats, and dairy in yogurt form only. (At least for me. Other primal folk use other forms of dairy as well.)

My sugar addiction is gone, and my appetite is nowhere near the Feed Me NOW! it was before. This, I can do, sustain, and not be afraid that my son will "type my lunch on the computer just like Mama". Yeah, that actually happened. Frightening.

Anyway, if you're curious to go primal too, check these...

.: Mark's Daily Apple - the BEST Primal How-To blog around.
.: Primal Matriarch - the lovely and delicious AndreAnna shares some frickin' tasty recipes and some valuable insight into her Primal journey.
.: Primal Toad - Todd's casual style and desire to create a community of like-minded folk makes Primal living easy, approachable, and fun.

For more Primal goodness, check out more of the blogs in my Daily Treats blogroll in the side bar.


  1. Woo!!! Loin cloths!

    It's a lovely vest (sorry Mini) and a lovely picture. I'm in favour of whatever you need to do to *feel* great, so long as you're doing it for the right reasons (i.e. you already *look* great)

  2. I NEVER would have believed you were 140! I think your scale was off.
    You always looked wonderful!
    -An anonymous follower

  3. @harmzie: oh, honey, I *know* I always look good. :) But you've known me long enough to know that, with my family health history and my own health issues, how I look is secondary to how I feel. Besides, looking good is nothing if you die of a heart attack tomorrow.

    @Anonymous: thank you for the compliment :) but it was the scale at my doctor's office, and those are usually in perfect working order.

  4. YAY! for losing that sugar craving. So ice cream is out?

  5. Lady, you're so beautiful and your weight sounds totally good to me. However, I know that numbers don't mean much on the scale - it's more about how you feel, you know? Sadly, I feel my best when I don't eat a lot of carbs and when I'm working out regularly. This is depressing because I'd much rather eat junk food all day and NOT work out!

  6. @kyooty: No, ice cream is not entirely out as it's my favourite "bad" food. I'll have some when the family goes out for ice cream (which is very rare), then I go back to no sugar.
    Besides, saying that something is 'out' sounds so deprive-y -- it's just easier to say that I avoid certain foods... then I just don't have them. :)

    @Loukia: Thanks, m'dear! :) Yes, it's totally about how you feel. I too feel best on low carb, which is why I feel so good doing the Primal thing. Working out is another thing.
    But yeah, wouldn't it be much easier if we felt great eating junk food and lounging around all day? Heehee...

  7. Dude, I totally posted earlier and it's not here!! :(

    Anyway, you rock and I know you're on the right path for your health!

    You also look hot, so there's that. ;)

  8. @AndreAnna: Thanks, darlin'! Your support is much appreciated.

    BTW, your prev comment the 2nd one that Blogger's dropped this week. I hope they don't make this a habit.

  9. Oops, looks like my comment was dropped too!
    Anyway, I like the vest too. And no matter how good one looks, they're always sexier when feeling good about the body, yeah?
    I'm glad you've found something that's working for you!
    Err.... my word verification was ppstfu. Wtf? I'm not being paranoid, I hope

  10. You look hot enough to me.