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08 July 2008

I found this picture of me (on the left) yesterday while looking for a picture for Mini's birthday post. It struck me that I'd taken a similar picture of Mini when she was about that age, so I went looking and found it! That's her on the right.
My picture was taken in the hot/dry season of the Philippines, and hers was in the cool Fall season of Canada.

Mini has such beautiful sleek shiny hair and pretty rosy cheeks, while I look like Don King's long lost lovechild.

No doubt about it - when it comes to cuteness, I don't come anywhere close to my daughter.

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Carlene said...

Look at those cheeks!! Too cute! :D

zandra said...
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zandra said...

Yes. Mims is super cute! Plus less confused looking. PS - I love you! Coming to visit in August. I would love to attend a yoga class with you or at least catch up!! Or maybe some good eats. I'm thinking sushi and iced green tea lemonade...you likes?

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Nenette AM said...

@carlene -
thanks! they're pretty amazing, aren't they?! just makes me want to go and give them cheeks a nibble! LOL

@zandra -
okay, as my cousin, you are allowed to mock my baby-spaced-out look, especially since you *are* coming to visit!
my physiotherapist has threatened me with bodily harm if I do yoga right now (rather counterproductive, eh?), so I'm voting for sushi and iced green tea lemonade... yummmy!!! can't wait to see ya :) xoxo

Carlos Rull said...

that's cool that you found an old baby pic of yourself to compare with your own child. yes, luv the hair. :)

great pics!

Nenette AM said...

@carlos rull -
thanks! seeing the differences and similarities between my daughter and me is a special treat. :)

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