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For me, it all started with Facebook. Of all the features on that social networking site, I found - and still find - the Status feature most enjoyable and most useful. My friends get a quick glimpse into my daily life, I learn what's up with my friends that day, and if I'm lucky, my hastily typed "I'm jonesing for sushi!" will result in an impromptu girls' nite at Wasabi on Osborne.

Then, I found Twitter thanks to Shai, and let me tell you, I dang near wet myself! This is basically "All Status, All the Time". My latest tweet, or twitter update, is what you see here in my top sidebar beside my profile picture.
In just 140 words, I can greet my twitter-friends when I first wake up, tell them what I'm making for dinner, or share my latest blog post to a whole new audience. Through Twitter, I've made new friends, gained new readers (hi, tweets!), and grown my feed reader with a load of funky new blogs from fellow-twitterers.

Now, I don't even have to log in to Facebook to update my status, because I've enabled it to show my Twitter updates automatically for all my FB friends to see. I *love* that!

And then, there's Plurk. Each of your updates is called a plurk, and you can see all the responses to each plurk grouped together as a conversation. The more active you are, the higher your karma points enabling you to use more cool stuff like fun emoticons, etc.
I find that, with Plurk, I get sucked into a lot of conversations and end up deleting responses just to keep up.

Reviews are mixed for both. Some prefer Twitter, others prefer Plurk. Twitter has been plagued with severe server problems over the past couple of months, interrupting service, pissing people off, and resulting in a major migration to Plurk. And with Plurk, you need to stay active to keep your karma up... and don't think I can handle that kind of pressure!

I don't know, I still like Twitter. You can reach out, but with less commitment, which, for me, makes it much easier to unchain myself from my computer to feed my kids, bathe, and go to the bathroom.

Wanna connect? To follow me on Twitter, just click here, and to be my Plurk friend, just click here.

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