high-heel-a-thon in nyc

Image from HQ-Celebrity.com

How many sprained or broken ankles arose from this event I wonder...

This past week, 500 women from 35 states gathered at New York's Central Park to run in the High-Heel-A-Thon to raise money for the March of Dimes.

Kelly Ripa, pictured here, was one of the 500 women willing to sprint 150 yards in their 5-inch stilettos to the finish line. Good for her! I like her... and when I can't button up my jeans after a bread-binge, I secretly hate her.

The winner received $25000... and immediately, went out and blew it all on new Manolos. Just kidding. Maybe she did - I don't know.

Now, I understand that for some women, this may just be a cake walk, no-brainer, been-there-done-that kinda situation, but for me, I'd fall and take down everyone else.
Would I do it anyway? For a good cause, of course. Hey, I'll try it once.

How about you? Would you risk your ankles for a good cause?


  1. Oh my... good for them! However, I'm with you. I'd fall, take everyone down, *and* end up in the ER with something in my bod broken.

    I'm such a klutz. Maybe if I could run it in my platform Soft Walk Shoes... those things are like pillows. :D

  2. @Bionic Beauty -
    I'm a spaz myself... super accident-prone... I may need a pair of those Soft Walk Shoes myself. Like pillows, eh? Sound divine! :)

  3. Anonymous15 July, 2008

    hahahaha! that is both crazy and fun! in Highschool we had to wear highheels (at least 3in) for 3 months in our last year of high school. it was supposed to be some sort of training, but no one ever wears heels to uni right? anyway, if you were caught without heels you were heavily fined. we actually played a whole round of skip rope just to prove we didn't take off our heels to play. hahahhaa! memories!

  4. @gandrynako -
    that sounds wild! :) fined for not wearing heels! oh, my :)
    thanks for sharing!

  5. What a fun way to raise money for The March of Dimes. I love that organization.

    I personally would not be able to make it 50 feet because of foot pain issues. Stilettos are beautiful, but they are not my friends. OWIE!