Mini's 4th Birthday Party...

This is me holding my brand new beautiful baby girl on her actual day of birth 4 years ago. Hard to believe Mini was ever that tiny and shmooshy. She's now such a big active girl who can do basic math. Seriously - she still has some trouble with her alphabet, but she can add.

Anyway, to celebrate her 4th birthday this weekend, we had a Moms and Girls Only party at U-Puttz Black Light Mini-Golf. It was loads of fun! Mini loved having her friends to celebrate with, a place to run around and be crazy, and of course, her Dora cupcake birthday cake. It was great!

To our favourite little princess...
Daddy, your big brother, and I love you so much. We hope your birthday party was all you wished it would be! :)



  1. Anonymous07 July, 2008

    Oh my gosh look at that full head of hair! Wow!

  2. Anonymous07 July, 2008

    Happy Birthday! Wow yes they are small in the beginning it's hard to imagine that she'll get bigger!

  3. @kari -
    yup, both kids had full thick heads of hair when they popped out. An old wives' tale states that, if mom has heartburn during pregnancy, the baby will have a thick head of hair at birth. Well, the only time I've ever had heartburn was during my two pregnancies. :)
    Maybe *that* old wives' tale has something to it!

    @Mrs.Mogul -
    Thanks! Yes, they're small, fragile, limp, and oh-so-squishy... and they grow way too fast, eh?! :)