Changes in the Neighbourhood...

This was the scene across the street from our house last week.

It had recently changed hands, and the new owners planned to make some minor renovations and rent it out. Unfortunately, while pulling out the kitchen cabinets, they found mold, and upon further inspection, they realized the mold was EVERYWHERE.

So, after the consent of the neighbours and a quick rezoning, out came the big guns and down came the building, leaving a big gaping hole. They demolished everything, and it appears nothing was salvaged, not even the tub.

We walked the kids to school from our backlane to lessen chances of any contact with mold spores that may be floating astray. It rained the next day, so all spores should be taken care of.

Not sure when they're rebuilding. The kids that frequent the community center and school nearby don't need a big hole luring them to their doom, so I hope it's soon.

The neighbourhood's changing, and I'm excited to see what's going to happen next!
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