3yo/5yo Conversations from the Next Room

(FYI: Lucai is 3yo MN's nickname for 5yo LA...)

"Hello? Where's my 100 dollars?"
"Lucai, I'm the dragon!"


"Oh, Lucai!"
In a sing-song voice: "Just a minute, I'm just taking a picture of my butt..."


"You know what I'm making, Lucai?"
"I'm making soup!"
"You lie down... You're in a cave!"
"You like soup?"


The 3yo walks in with a long piece of tape on her nose...
"Lucai, I'm pretending I'm an elephant."
"Okay. Are you lost, elephant?"
"You want to eat?"
"Ask me if I want dog food."
"You want dog food, elephant?"
"HEY! Lucai! That's not dog food!"
"I'm pretending it's dog food."
"Oh, okay..."


  1. Sophia(the almost 4yr old) attempts kidyoga with some help from her 21mth old sister.
    Sophia: Elena, get off. I'm trying to do diggity dogg down......
    Elena: I doin diddy down
    Sophia: No, that's moo and meow
    Elena: moo moo here E-I-E-I-O!

    Ahahaha... kids are so funny


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