a look back at 2012.

I know I was rather absent from my online home for the past year, wasn't I? Yeah, bad Nenette.
But that only means that I was busy LIVING life rather than writing about it.

And did I ever live it!

Okay, here are some notable events of my year.  I hope it inspires you to get off your bum, turn off your electronics, and do a little more living yourself!... after you read my blog post.  Seriously.  Do that first.
And... go!

My Faves of 2012:

1:  Movie: The Avengers  (Oh, Hawkeye...)
2:  Album: Teenage Dream by Katy Perry (okay, I know it came out in 2010, but I soaked it in in 2012)
3:  Social media site: Pinterest
4:  Blog: www.MarieForleo.com
5:  TV Shows:  Doctor Who/The Big Bang Theory
6:  Book: The Hunger Games Series
7:  Group: LMFAO
8:  Viral Video: Psi "Gangnam Style" (I blame my son.  Totally.)

Fave Songs I Listened to in 2012:
Not all released in 2012, they're just songs I loved in 2012.  And when I love a song, I LOVE it... again and again and again.  Over and over, in many different ways.  Ahem.  
Anyway, I played the same songs in the van. A LOT.  I think my kids wanted to take my mp3 player and make it "mysteriously disappear".

Carly Rae Jepsen "Call Me Maybe"
LMFAO "Sexy and I Know It"
Katy Perry "I Kissed a Girl", "California Grrls"
Destiny's Child "Independent Women"
Nicki Minaj "Starships", "Pound the Alarm", "Va Va Voom"
Ne-yo feat. Pitbull "Give Me Everything"
Carly Rae Jepsen & Owl City "Good Time"
Ke$ha, "Tik Tok", "Blow"
Beyonce "Love on Top"
Janet Jackson "All for You"

Notable Moments:
  • I read The Hunger Games.  And got the rest of my family over the age of 8 to read it too.
  • Mini worked so hard toward her Grade 2 Ballet Exam and graduated!
  • I participated in the kids' recital show dancing in the Mom & Me number with Mini.
  • Roomie and Lam did the Super Run together in the Manitoba Marathon on Father's Day.
  • Mini celebrated her 8th birthday with her BFF with an all-day party: watching Brave, visiting Build-a-Bear, eating lunch at Moxie's, and manicures.
  • I went to Arizona for Isagenix Celebration, and partied with the most awesome beautiful healthy women!!!
  • We stayed in a yurt for the first time!
  • I enrolled in hip hop class with one of my besties, Myrtle.
  • I got together with my girls for my 25th High School Reunion!  We went bowling and eating!
  • Lam graduated to Red Cross Level 5 and Mini graduated to Red Cross Level 7 in swimming!
  • My babies met with the Big Guy in the Red Suit at Roomie's Holiday Season brunch.

So excited for 2013!

Quotes of 2012.

Plucked from the statuses of Facebook...

Roomie: "Ach! I'm going to go to my frickin' deathbed knowing the words to some effing Fanta commercial from the 70s!"

Roomie:  "What the hell is he doing here?!!! That value was given, but he decided to work it out for himself and GOT IT WRONG! I gave it to them so they wouldn't have to spend any of their time dickin' around! Argh!!!" #HusbandMarkingExamsInTheOtherRoom

Son and husband are watching I Am Legend.
Son: "OMG, who's attacking him?"
Husband: "Just keep watching."
Son: "Is it the Nazis?!"
Husband: "Yeah, it's the Nazis. They came in their time machine..."

Cranky Sick Husband and I are watching a women's makeover show.
CSH: "What's this show called? 'How Do I Look?'"
Me: "Yup."
CSH: "It reminds me of that prison movie, Bird Man of Alcatraz."

Roomie: "I'm making a meatball sandwich. Should I heat up the meatballs?"
Me: "Yes. You should ALWAYS heat up your balls."
Lam: "L-O-L, Mama!"

The Boy: "Mittens hates jazz hands."

Him: "Your belly's looking smaller."
Me: "Smaller than what?"... because I obviously don't know how to take a compliment.

"Hey, you know, I can make you a portable CD player. I'll get one of my old dead CDROMs from the garage. I'll fix it. I'll even use electrical tape, not duck tape..." I didn't even ask him for one! #HelpImMarriedToAnEngineer

Me: "Hon, could you please get the girl's toothbrush upstairs in the linen closet?"
Him: "In the linen closet. Well, that makes sense. Will I find a plate of veal in there too?"
#InsideJokes #FaultyTowers

Roomie: "did I just hear a cow?"
Mini: "yeah."
Me: "minecraft."
Roomie: "oh."