5th Annual Top 5 List: Who's on your list?

It's the 5th day of the 5th month of the year!  You know what that means, right?!  Yup, it's time for me to review, renew, and republish my annual Top 5 List.  :)

You know what I mean by "List", right?  No?  Okay, long story short, this is the list of 5 pretend boyfriends (or girlfriends, depending on which side your bread's buttered on) -- the folks you have permission to fool around with, assuming you can get them to fool around with you, of course.
It's all in fun, of course, so you don't have to worry about me coming over and demanding that you have your little perverted way with Jessica Alba, or David Hasselhoff or whatever.

Anyway, you can check out my old lists too:   2008, 2009, 20102011.

As this is the special 5th year of the Top 5, we're celebrating!  Share your own list, and you could win an awesome prize package I assembled on a recent shopping trip.  I'll choose the winner by random number generation on the morning of Friday, May 11, and announce the winner in my blog post that day.

Okay, I'm sharing mine now... so you better share yours in the comments too!

Here we go...

1:  Gerard Butler
Yes, he's still my pretend boyfriend, although it was a close one considering who is at #2.  But still, Gerry's funny, cute, scruffy, tall, and that Scottish accent are still so dreamy.  And he still reminds me of my husband.

2:  Chris Hemsworth
Thor.  Sigh.  But I first saw him as James T. Kirk's father in Star Trek (2009), and already, I thought he was adorable.  If you read my list from last year, he barely made the list as an Honourable Mention.  He's a definite member of the list at #2 this year, thanks to the constant "He is Christian Grey" I've been getting from Maria.  I'd probably be able to finish the 50 Shades of Grey Series if I keep that in mind.

3:  Bradley Cooper
He's hot, and he speaks French.  Period.

4:  Bill Campbell
The first time I saw him was in "The Rocketeer".  Then in Star Trek:TNG, which is where this pic's from.  He's aged so freakin' well.  He's tall, dark, and handsome.  See?

5:  Clive Owen
Just look at this picture.  OMG, look at him!!!

Okay, go!


  1. 1. Channing Tatum (Hello Magic Mike!!)
    2. Matt Bomer (he's gay but whatever)
    3. Armie Hammer (what can I say, I like tall guys)
    4. Paul Walker (ever since the Fast And The Furious - please don't judge)
    5. Mark Ruffalo (ever watched In The Cut? oh my....)

  2. 1. Daniel Craig
    2. Daniel Craig
    3. Daniel Craig
    4. Daniel Craig
    5. Charlize Theron


  3. Anonymous05 May, 2012

    List courtesy of :Mother on of one,
    1. John Cusack (we go waaayyyyy back to "Say Anything")
    2. Daniel Craig (he's what we call a REAL man.)
    3. Channing Tatum (self explanatory)
    4. Armie Hammer (he plays twins like no one else, yum.)
    5.Paul Walker (he was the originator)
    I know the list said only 5, but I think you need a bonus guy, a back up if you will, and mine would be Christian Grey :)

  4. Wendy Thomas05 May, 2012

    1. Is it really corny that my number one is my boyfriend? He's honestly everything I want. But not counting him, here goes...
    2. Adam Levine (because he reminds me of my boyfriend. I clearly am not right in the head.)
    3. Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Those eyes and lips...
    4. Gerard Butler. He's just so damn MANLY.
    5. Adam Sandler. Funny is ALWAYS a turn on.

  5. Anonymous06 May, 2012

    1. Dr. Phil ( So wise, so funny, and so helpful. And never gets crumbs of food caught in his mustache,)
    2. Deepak Chopra ( So loving and so gentle. And so tantric.)
    3. Dr. Mehmett Oz ( So excitable about his work. Bonus: The man is pushing 60, have you SEEN him when he wears his scrubs?)
    4. William Jefferson Clinton aka. BILL ( Could be the smartest and most charming man, ever. And perhaps, the most wild.)
    5. Bruce Jennner ( needs NO explanation!)
    Thanks, this was fun!

  6. Chris Evans. My, oh my. But it has to be Chris Evans looking like his Steve Rogers character. What? I can be picky about impossible dreams. Who knows? A girl can dream.

    Scott Speedman. Overtaken by Captain America this year. Oh Ben Covington.

    Sam Worthington. Loved him as Marcus in Terminator. Even more in Avatar, but not as the blue creature. Navi?

    Chris Evans as himself. Doubling my chances in this Fab Five list.

    Mark Ruffalo. Guy next door goodness. Best Bruce Banner too. Loved him on 13 Going on 30 best. Oh, Just Like Heaven too! Romcom hero.

    Bonus guy: Chris Hemsworth. But he's so huge he'll probably crush me while he's walking and won't even notice. I'd be too starstruck to notice too.

  7. 1. John Krasinski
    2. Ryan Gosling
    3. Bradley Cooper
    4. Chris Hemsworth
    5. Gerard Butler

    We are friends for a reason, it seems. ;)

  8. Love this time of year on your blog! :) I had to re-check what I've posted on past entries:

    1. Gerry Butler - no one will never knock him out of 1st place.

    2. Richard Armitage - tall, dark, handsome and mysterioso.

    3. Clive Owen - still on the list

    4. Matthew Macfadyen - He IS Darcy!!

    5. Takeshi Kaneshiro (still hot)

  9. Oh, and I had to add this bonus:

    BONUS: Jordan Knight - YES! I went there. First tall, dark, handsome guy I lusted after. Saw him in concert last year and it just re-ignited something in me. Heheheh!

  10. 1. Kristen Bell
    2. Emma Stone
    3. Sarah Silverman
    4. Gwyneth Paltrow
    5. Madeline Kahn (if she wasn't dead)

  11. This is SO hard N! So hard! Shemar Moore, Jake Gylenhaal, Kevin Spacey, George Clooney, Gale, (whatever his name is...) and a lot of the names listed here!

  12. All right... I'll play. My list changes a lot, but here is the today version.
    1. Kiefer Sutherland. Canadian and awesome.
    2. Jake Gylenhawt (or however you spell it)
    3. Bear Grylls. I wouldn't kiss him though. Do you see how many bugs that guy eats?
    4. Rob Morrow - I've been watching a lot of reruns of Northern Exposure and Numb3rs. Love him.
    5. Can I count the Winchester boy as one entity? Hmmm a Jensen Ackles, Jared Padelecki sandwich. hehehe

  13. 1. Gerard Butler (Like, whoa.)
    2. Julian McMahon (Nip/Tuck awesomeness.)
    3. Vince Vaughn (how has no one mentioned him yet?!)
    4. Bradley Cooper (I could fall into those pools of deep blue.)
    5. Nikki Sixx(what can I say, I'm old skool glam metal. Hahaha.)

  14. @Lunch Lady: Why do I never remember to add Channing Tatum to my list?! And Armie Hammer... is a beautiful man.

  15. @Harmzie: omg, I can't believe Brad Pitt didn't even make your list this year! I would totally do Charlize... ahem.

  16. @Mother on of one: I was just telling Roomie how cute I thought John Cusack is! Great list! You are always welcome to go beyond 5. :)

  17. @Wendy Thomas: Oh yeah, Jeffrey Dean Morgan is SO manly. :)

  18. @Anon: Okay, I can totally get on board with Dr. Oz. :)

  19. @Toni: Oh yes, Chris Evans. I wish he didn't make me feel so... old. ha! Great list! :)

  20. @Angella: Ha! Yes, we do have the same tastes! Love it! :)

  21. @Cyndi: Oh, yes, Matthew Macfadyen was a wonderful Darcy! I was in love him by the end of the movie. He played confused and baffled by his feelings so well! I need to rent that movie again... or maybe buy it for myself! :)

  22. @Adam: Emma Stone is adorable!!!

  23. @Loukia: OMG, oh yes, Jake G! He's another who should be on my list! Perhaps I should've made this a Top 10 instead! Great list, Lou! xo

  24. @Tawny: Yes, a threesome with the Winchester boys is allowed... heeheehee :)

  25. @Susie: Oh, yes, Julian McMahon! I loved him on Charmed. He plays bad-boy so well. :) Great list!

  26. My sister actually met Julian McMahon when he was here filming a movie a couple of years ago. I was hella preggo so I couldn't exactly run over there but she saw him in the concourse of Winnipeg Square and I *made* her go back and get his autograph for me. I don't give a shite about autographs. But he touched that page and I still have it. bwahaha

  27. Ok, here's my list:
    Craig Ferguson
    Ewan McGregor
    Clive Owen
    Bradley Cooper speaking French
    Someone mentioned Shemar Moore. Yes.

    Nathan Fillion has dropped to number 6 after the whole The Bloggess/twine thing.
    Oh wait... Daniel Craig. Number 7.

    And there's always my way-back-machine list.

  28. Sorry but there's GOT TO BE one more...


    'nuff said

  29. Hi - are you still out there?

  30. 1. Patrick Duffy
    2. Maurice Bernard (plays Sonny on General Hospital)
    3. Edward Cullen
    4. Robert Patinson...yes, I know he's the guy who plays Edward Cullen
    5. ...I got nothing more because I have the libido of a 98 year old woman. After I've done these four, I'll just want a piece of toast, then I'll want to go to sleep.