random confessions of a happy girl III: thinkings and doings.

Life Candy's been very cleanse-centric lately, hasn't it?  Yeah.

Well, worry not, my lovelies.  Although I'm now doing the healthy lifestyle thing to improve upon and maintain the results of my 30-day cleanse, the level of food and fitness talk here will likely return to previous frequency and intensity.

Except with less "holy crap, I'm getting fat!" and more "eat this paleo thing -- it will keep you healthy, yo!"   I know, right?!

Okay, contrary to popular belief, I did more than just cleanse, work out, and eat salads over the past while.  I did a lot of other thinking and doing too.  So did my family.  I will talk about that stuff...


Late last year, Roomie had a cavity in his wisdom tooth that became infected and made it almost impossible for him to eat, sleep, or talk FOR A MONTH.  He lost a solid 10 pounds at least.  After emergency dental surgery, he asked for the tooth so he could look at it under a microscope and take pics that his wife can share with all her internets.  Look at the size of that freakin' hole!!!  No wonder the poor guy was in so much pain...

I am about to start reading The Hunger Games series.  Sleep will not be a part of my schedule.  It's the Twilight Saga all over again!  Gah!...

I am a pinning machine!

My daughter has discovered the magic of nail polish.  So now, every nail surface MUST. BE. COVERED.  Which means Daddy gets a pedicure...

Once again, I'm experimenting.  This time, it's with argan oil.  As a moisturizer.  It supposedly helps fade minor scars and brown spots.  I'll post pics in a couple of weeks.  Hopefully not of me looking like Jocelyn Wildenstein.  Or Michael Jackson.

I'm considering adding John Stamos to my List.  We're talking strictly eye candy.  "No, no, John.  Please.  Don't speak.  No, seriously.  Don't."  He's improved since he passed the age of 45, leaving the days of Uncle Jessie far behind him.

I can't help but laugh when people say that the characters on The Big Bang Theory could never be real.  Good grief, people, those are the very nerds I lived, studied and worked with from the ages of 17 to 30!

Oddly, my favourite character is Zack.

Milk Dud?
I did not watch the Academy Awards.

That is all.  For now.

my Isagenix cleanse: it's like I'm a totally different woman.

"You glow!"  "So slim!"  "You're skin is so clear."  "You look SO much healthier..."

Yes, my Life Candy peeps, I got all of those compliments -- and more! -- thanks to my first ever Isagenix Nutritional Cleanse.

OMG, I wish I could tell you exactly how awesome it's been.  I'm going to try.  And I'm INCREDIBLY EXCITED about all of this, so I may just start to sound like some crazy televangelist.  If I do, please don't hurt me.  Or hate me.  Or throw chips and cinnamon buns at me, because I won't eat them, and they'll just make a big mess on my floor.

Okay, here we go.


I'm nervous.  Seriously, as I contemplate pushing the "Publish" button, I can't feel my legs.  And the reason is because I'm showing something I've always hidden.  This is like me saying "Okay, and here's my boobs."  Seriously baring all, people.

And it may shock some people who know me.  Or think they knew me.  You see, before I did this cleanse, everyone thought I was "just fine", "normal looking", and "didn't have to lose any weight".

No, I was never 200 lbs.  But when your doctor strongly suggests you do a cleanse, you're likely not the slim healthy waif everyone seems to think you are.

So, with all those misconceptions, the sight of my Before pic may come as a shock.  Or cause a coronary.  You may want to have a paramedic nearby.

Okay.  Go ahead -- you'll see what I mean...

- No matter what I did (the exercising and healthy eating), the weight kept climbing and climbing and wouldn't come off!
- Excess belly fat (from the side, I looked about 8 months pregnant) and swollen hands and feet.
- These were the size 7 jeans I wore shortly after Lam was born 10 years ago, and now I couldn't even button them!
- I was in a constant brain fog.
- Always tired.  Highly dependent on caffeine (green tea) and sugar for energy.
- Sleep was never restful and I always felt exhausted in the morning.
- Felt and looked older.  People stopped saying I look younger than my age.
- Dull dark complexion.
- Doesn't my head look tiny compared to the rest of my body?
- Unable to handle stressful situations.
- Accomplishing the simplest tasks seemed to take so much effort.
- I was just trying to get through each day, merely existing.  I wasn't living.


Total weight loss: 15 lbs
Total inches dropped: 18.25 inches

- I fit into my size 7 jeans again!
- I get second glances from guys again... even though I'm old enough to be their mother!  :)
- Skin is glowing, clear and soft!  One of my besties RMF even said so!
- Can now wear my wedding ring and Iron Ring that I couldn't wear since 2009.
- SO MUCH ENERGY!  One week into the program, I had the energy to do workouts, volunteer at my kids' school, and even consider opening up my hula dance school again!
- Stressful situations don't throw me off as they used to.
- Feel calm and mellow (except, of course, when my kids act like monkeys on uppers.  Armed with boxing gloves.  And spears.).
- Above and beyond the notable physical change has been the mental shift.  It's like someone took my brain, spit-shined it (in the most hygienic way possible, of course), snapped it back in place, and threw some Tabasco® sauce on it.  It burns!  It burns!... but in a good way because I feel alive again.
- I've removed as many existing commitments and time-wasters as I could, surrounding myself only with people and activities that uplift me.
- I take care of my appearance more -- wearing makeup, doing my nails, shopping -- because I feel I'm worth it.
- I have healthy habits.  I crave healthy stuff like salad, fish, and slow cooked lean meat.  I drink a ton of water now.  I'm more active now, taking dance class and arranging to meet up with a personal trainer.  I EAT LESS!

And now the whole fam has gotten in on the act!  Lam has a chocolate-vanilla shake in the morning.  Mini loves the energy drink for electrolytes when she dances.  Also, Roomie himself has a shake right after every run, and it supports his muscle growth and recovery!  This program is really great for athletes!

Now, I'm off to buy a belt for my already skinny jeans...  :)


More than anything else, I'd like to thank Roomie, the kids, my family, friends, fellow-Isapeeps, and coaches -- especially my dear friend Sly who got me on this in the first place -- for all of your love and support through this incredible journey.  Especially the friends and family who cheered me on and stood by me even though they had no idea what I was even doing.  Your trust in me -- that I was smart enough to do the research and choose what was best for myself -- meant so much.
You all had a part in my better health and my quest to be around long enough to play with my great-grandkids!  :)

Well, folks, that's my story!  If you want to do it too, just send me an email, and I'll hook you up and help you through it all from the beginning to the end of your journey.  Or you can check out all the products and even sign up online through this link.  I'll be there with you to answer questions, give you tips, and hold your hand if need be.

Stay well, my darling readers.  (Back to regularly scheduled awesomeness...)