she's artistic, athletic, and cool. unlike the rest of us.

I'm a computer engineer.  Roomie's an electrical engineer.  And Lam fancies himself one of these dudes, or maybe all of them combined...

Then, there's Mini...
  • a creative and passionate ballet dancer, who, as you know, was invited to take her Grade 2 Royal Academy of Dance Exam...
  • a strong and ambitious swimmer who just earned her Red Cross Level 5 and plans to get her Red Cross Level 10 in the next couple of years...
  • and the November Athlete of the Month for the Grades 1-3 group at her school.  See?

Trust me, it says her real name on it.

So, you see, despite being born from and surrounded by pasty-complexioned, techy types, she's proved herself to be untouched by the nerdiness. 

But on top of that, she also doesn't like chocolate, and she loves to wear dresses.  If she didn't look so much like me, I'd wonder if she'd been switched at birth by aliens. 

I will be watching her for any new tentacle-like appendages.  Or maybe gills.

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  1. Hee! I love it! Both my kids look like their father, but they both came out of me, so I'm pretty sure they're not aliens. ;) Congrats to Mini on Athlete of the Month! Wow! xo

  2. I love a girl that carves her own path...there is nothing better!

  3. I think it is a sign of great parenting when children follow their own interests, goals and talents. It makes them better, happier people, and who does not want happy kids?

  4. Making mommy proud. But how can she not like chocolate?! Impossible!

  5. She doesn't like chocolate? How does that happen? LOL

    Love it that she dances ...

    OH and that nerdy show, is so funny. Watch it all the time! PVR is the best for that :)

  6. but... but... I think you guys are cool! Guess that make me *gulp* decidedly uncool?.... lol.

  7. Christmas is endearing,
    I wish peace and happiness these days,
    Happy Holidays!.
    a hug.

  8. I love how they can be so different from us and yet they are a part of us.

  9. just posting because i luv the big bang theory pic! but yeah, word! :)