my 8 fall fashion favourites.

I'm so happy it's Fall.  The kids are back at school.  The trees are turning all shades of gorgeous.  I don't have to shave my legs as often (Oh, yeah, I totally went there).  And I'm downing as many yummy Pumpkin Spice Lattes and Salted Caramel Mochas I can get my little mitts on.

And speaking of mitts, another perk of the season is that I can now once again wear all of my favourite clothes!  I love dressing for Fall.  It's still warm enough that I don't need my parka and Sorels yet, but it's cool enough that I'm not limited to just shorts and a tank top, which I gotta say was completely due to hot weather alone and not for fashion because um, hello, back-fat?

I list below my favourite fall pieces.  Some I have already, others I have to replace.  Check it out, and let me know what YOU plan on wearing this season...

1: Denim Trench, aka, my "Cowboy Matrix" coat.
This is my absolute fave.  FAVE.  I didn't bling it up as I'd planned, because I realized it's perfect as it is.  On me.  On the hanger, it looks kinda sad and crappy.  On me, it looks awesome, and makes me look like I can kick some Agent ass.

2: Jeans.
I'm short-waisted, so I need to wear low-rise jeans so as to not look like Steve Urkel.  Boot cut (see #3).  I love jeans.  Mini does not.  She also doesn't like chocolate so much.  We believe she might've been switched at birth.
Anyway, I want these Gap jeans.

3: Boots.
I don't like to own lots of footwear.  I'm so anti-Imelda.  Lam has more shoes than me.  And he's 9.  So, I like to buy footwear that covers more than one season.  Like boots.
When I choose the one pair of boots I'm willing to welcome into my life, I want them to be fashionable, good for casual and dressy, warm to -40C, good treads, and can last, which is, let's face it, a tall order for Winnipeg because the anti-slip salt we put all over the place is real killer for footwear.  And NO to the high stiletto heeled boots because I'm a spaz and I'll just break something wearing them.

But all that being said, Mama wants these LV boots.  Because, well, they're swank.

4: Gloves.
Simple, leather-ish.  No extra padding or insulation necessary.  I'll put my hands in my pockets if I have to.  I just need my fingers to be protected... and not useless.
Loving these driving gloves that I spotted on Asos.  They're Dents, who source their leather "as a by-product from the food industry".

5: Hat.
I am in love with these newsboy hats. I have a couple of 'em. Unfortunately, Roomie always calls me "Comrade" when I wear them. Weirdo. He's just jealous because, as he puts it, "Girls in hats look cute. Guys in hats look like idiots."

6: Big Bag.
Time to switch back to my big sling bag, aka, my Big Bag o' Trouble.  The strap is wide and sturdy, so I can sling it across my shoulder and be on my way, hands-free-like.  And it's big enough to handle all the gloves and hats I want to stuff in there... alongside my netbook, notebook, and slutty erotic-romance novel.

7: Chunky cardigan.
Couldn't you totally picture this cardigan underneath my cowboy matrix coat?!  OMG, in love.  It's long, which is perfect.  Zip, not button.  And it's a gorgeous colour.  My favourite, burgundy.  Hmmm...  oh, Santa...

8: Sarong.
Yes, sweeties, no need to move your eyes slightly back up to read it again. I said "sarong".  But not as a skirt.  Oh no.  Sarongs, with their soft texture and size, make the perfect scarf.  They're warm, big enough to wrap around several times, yet very light.  I've used them into the dead of winter.  I swear by 'em.  And they remind me of hot sunny tropical days... even when it's -40C outside.

And OMG, when did I get the lip implants?!  Angie Jolie much?

Okay, now you.  And... go.


  1. Yup, I did a double take at the Sarong bit. But that sounds like a terrific idea. I'm gonna try it!

  2. I love fall clothes! Boots, jeans, little jackets... and now? NOW I NEED A BLACK OVER THE SHOULDER PURSE like the one in the pic! Also, those LV boots? LOVE! And I've never had a salted caramel mocha - how good are they?

  3. @Loukia: OMG, Lou, the salted caramel mochas are absolutely killer! At first, I was all "Salt?!", but no, the salt balances the sweet really nicely. They sprinkle it on the whipped cream, so it sits there and doesn't dissolve, and when you take a sip with whip and mocha, you get a burst of salty. So good. :) xo

  4. I've never really loved Fall all that much until I met my husband and he opened my eyes to the beauty of it tall. I've always been a Summer girl. I am excited for Fall this year and I love that you wrote about your fav pieces of clothing. Love the boots you want!

  5. My wife loves cardigans like that one. I know. I sat through more than 2 hours of her web browsing them.

  6. got totally distracted after you said you didn't have to shave your legs as often. If I followed that rule, people would shave them for me in my sleep. Well, I think. I mean... like... nobody actually has keys to my house except my landlord and he never minded the hairy legs ;)