bathroom: before & after.

I tend to anthropomorphize almost everything around me.  The snobby indignant cat.    My keys that take such pleasure in hiding from me.  The proud self-sacrificing sushi I ate last week.  (I know, crazy.  But if you've read me for a while, you can't be surprised.)

And after The Water Leak Disaster of 2009 I told you about, my bathroom was sad.  He (yeah, apparently, he's a boy) was feeling old, neglected, and... incontinent.  Sad.

See?  Look here.  He's all torn apart from in the water leak aftermath...


Fast forward 2 years.  I know I lasted 2 years with that disaster.  It wasn't pretty.

Now, thanks to the awesome Jared and his team at Winnipeg Building, who came through for us when other lame-o contractors wimped out and bailed, our bathroom isn't sad anymore.

It's simple and stylish.  And it looks BIGGER too.

THE AFTERS...(with commentary!)

Like in the rest of the house, we decided to stick to white walls with an accent colour.  In this room, the accent is obviously "espresso".  As you can see, we don't do matching towels.  Min likes pink.  Lam likes blue.  I like white.  Roomie just likes "soft and absorbent".  I also insisted on hooks, which make it much easier for kids to keep their towels in "not on floor" mode...

The shower head is on an adjustable bar so that it can be slid down for shorter people, and up for taller folk.  The curtain is on a curved rod for more elbow room.  We thought the covered bathtub/shower was going to be a space hog, but it's one of the elements that makes the room look huge...

We traded up from a pedestal sink to a spacesaver one with storage.  This bathroom was hurting for more storage.  It's where we store toilet paper and cleaning supplies...

Speaking of storage, we had the linen closet (the dark monolith on the left) built in so that we can have all the towels and bath crap IN the bathroom instead of the linen closet OUTside in the hall.  Mittens thinks it's all groovy...

Check out this awesome floor!  It's not heated, like I'd hoped, but despite being vinyl, it's incredibly warm to the touch.  And the textured bamboo pattern looks natural and beautiful.  I'm glad the flooring lady convinced us to take this...

Yes, we didn't get our heated floor, but instead, we got a heat lamp.  It's built into our exhaust fan, but on a different switch.  Isn't it great?!...

I hope y'all enjoyed my happy bathroom tour.  It's been a long time coming, but totally worth the wait.


  1. What a transformation! Very stylish, but I expected nothing less from you...

  2. Your bathroom looks fantastic Nenette!

    I love the hooks for the towels. It's one of those simple ideas that makes a huge difference. Right now my seven year old hangs his towel on the doorknob since we don't have a hook for him.

    Now I want to redo our bathrrom. :)

  3. Holy cow!
    I understand your frustration. I took a sledge hammer to my bathroom wall in the spring and we are STILL WORKING ON IT. But I am glad that we are taking our time, because I want it to be awesome like yours.
    I absolutely love your bathroom. It looks so relaxing!! And clean

  4. oh that turned out lovely.

  5. It's really beautiful and relaxing. Just a small suggestion: Have you thought of bringing in some greens?