What do the contents of your handbag/purse "say" about you?

It's been a long time since I've done one of those full disclosure purse thingies. Judging from all the emails I got the last time I displayed the contents of my Big Bag o' Trouble, I think I gave you nightmares for a week! 

But I'm doing the minimalish-ist thing, so I think my purse will be less scary.  (I don't know -- do any of you consider a Hello Kitty lanyard scary?)  I don't just shove anything in there anymore.  Every item has a reason for being.  And this is more important now than ever before because I'm going car-free and don't necessarily want to lug extra crap around if I don't have to.

Now what if an alien (like one of the hot Star Trek aliens that look human... think: The Outrageous Capt. Thadiun Okona) or your neighbourhood hobo happened across my forgotten bag?  What would they think this person is?  (I'll include my take too.)

1: Sponge Bob Bag (borrowed from Mini)
Alien: "Fun-loving.  I'd like to hang out with this person."
Hobo: "I can wear it as a hat."
Me: "This is a 12-year-old girl or boy."

2: Aveda Lip Tint in Cocoplum
Alien: "She's a woman... Oooh, yeaaah..."
Hobo: "Can I eat that?"
Me: "Oh, she is a girl.  Or a boy who stole his sister's lipstick.  Or a boy who wears lipstick."

3: Historical Romance Novel
Alien: "She loves romance.  Romance with hot humanoids like me."
Hobo: "Oh, toilet paper!"
Me: "She's an adult.  Who loves romance novels.  Probably likes to read them when she has to wait for long periods of time."

4: Antibacterial wash
Alien: "I like a clean woman." Um. Okay.
Hobo: "What is this shit? I wouldn't know.  I don't have cable.  Hey, this belongs to a woman with cable!"
Me: "She hates germs.  Probably likes to use it just before she eats.  She likes going to restaurants."

5: Aveda Lotion
Alien: "She has soft skin."
Hobo:  "Smells like stuff I can eat."
Me: "She probably lives in a very dry area, and her skin gets parched."

6: Notebook
Alien: "I wonder if she writes down her fantasies." This dude's getting weird and creepy.
Hobo: "More toilet paper!"
Me:  "She likes to stay organized.  And when she gets an idea, she doesn't want to lose it, so she jots it down."

7: Advil
Alien: "I bet these are her birth control pills."  Really, dude?  And are your headache pills as big as apples?
Hobo: "This isn't much of a meal."
Me: "She gets headaches or really bad PMS, and she wants to be prepared.  She won't let headaches or cramps put a damper on her day!"

8: Wallet
Alien: "Hey, her husband's cute too.  Maybe he'll be interested in a threesome!" Oh, for the love of-!
Hobo: "She's got no cash.  Hey, but there's a lot of toilet paper in here too!
Me: "She's a mom and wife, and her family is everything to her.  And she's everything to them -- a couple of "I love Mom" notes from her kids.  A Starbucks card -- she loves her coffee.  Oh, a receipt... decaf.  Another receipt... tea.  She's nice -- she's signed her donor card."

9: Keys
Alien: "Only 2 keys.  It'll be easy to figure out which one goes to her bedroom. Hehehe..."
Hobo: "Great.  I can pick the wax outta my ears with this here long key."
Me:  "She has a yoga key fob.  She likes yoga and staying healthy.  And not a lot of keys.  She has a house and a car.  Very simple."

10: MP3 player with Hello Kitty lanyard (not in photo: ladybug ear buds)
Alien: "I bet she has hot sexy music on this thing."
Hobo: "Maybe I can trade this for a shopping cart.  Oh!  Or a tinfoil hat."
Me:  "Hmm. Maybe she is a 12-year-old girl."

11: Razr Cell Phone
Alien: "Oh, I'll call her and see if she's home."  I hope he doesn't find out where I live.
Hobo: "I can get a second tinfoil hat with this!"
Me:  "She's social.  And she has many friends she can call and who love her."

12: Reusable Shopping Bag
Alien: He's already left for my house.
Hobo: "I can use this for my tinfoil hats.  And as a shirt when it's hot."
Me:  "She respects the environment.  Good girl."

How about you?  What's in your bag?!

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  1. Stopping by super quick during a break at work - wish I had more time to chat but I love the way you structured your post - I did the same prompt!

  2. What a brilliant approach to this prompt! Written like a genuine fashion do/don't article! I love it!

  3. Stopping by from Mama Kat's. I LOVE the alien/hobo/you approach. Hilarious! I did the same prompt, but not as well. :-) (And, funny side note from reading your About Me... the post I wrote earlier this week led off with how much I hate the word "moist".)

  4. That alien is one freaky dude...don't let him stalk you. He is a bad seed. I can tell.

    Thanks for making me smile. Fun post!

  5. What a fun twist on the prompt! Love it!

  6. Such a cute twist on the show me yuor purse meme! I too always have hand sanitizer..it is amazing how often I need it:)

    Thanks for stopping by today, and best of luck in the contest!