rebuilding the temple - week 2: hit me with your best shot...

... because I have dairy, bitch.

Lost (Week 2): 0 lbs.
Lost (Total) : 2 lbs. 

See this?

It's a very small block (0.75 inch cubed) of Wensleydale cheese.  I took a picture of it because as soon as I finish this post, I will be eating it.  I plan to look at the picture and remember how tasty it was after it's gone.

No, that's not weird.  Really, it's not.  Really.

You see, folks, it's that time.  And I've learned that during this incredibly powerful time in a woman's month, I should not deny myself anything, especially foods on my "Don't" list.  Otherwise, all and sundry will learn just how powerful I truly am.  Seriously, asses will be kicked if I don't get my pavlova the second after I deem I should have one.

Great.  Now I want one.
But seriously, I've even eaten bread.  Oh, the horror!

Anyway, I've been doing just that these past few days, and It's worked for my mental state.  And you know, I've not gained any weight.  (I've not lost any either, but I didn't expect to anyway.)

What I'll be doing this week:

- weights and hula... I couldn't do this last week because I spent most of my time in the fetal position on my couch.  Advil was my secret lover.
- no snacking... This is working.  I'm not even all that hungry during the times I'd normally snack.  It's unreal.
- drink only water and green tea... my body's been craving water a lot more lately.  I'm not even trying to drink more!  That too is unreal.
- no bread, dairy, pasta... Need to be more consistent with this.



  1. Hey Nenette,

    too am "rebuilding" the temple. Most the exterior, the interior is pretty clean. Anyways, I am using this website called and you track everything you eat as well as exercise. It comes down to calories in/calories out. You tell it how much you want to lose a week ( I am doing 1 lb a week) and all your info. I have dropped 8 lbs so far. It really helps to see where your calories are coming from. I made some shifts in my diet after seeing it in numbers in front of me.

    Thought I wold pass it on!


  2. @Sara: Thanks! I've actually tried LoseIt!, but I prefer I've tried others, and they all have their deficiencies (even FitDay), but I keep going back to FitDay. (Have I said FitDay enough times?) I guess I'm just used to using it. Thanks again!

  3. That time..? Oh... You mean...


  4. @Vinny C: Ah, yes, wise words from a man who obviously has a woman in his life. :) And Mrs. C is lucky to have an understanding man in her life!

  5. Nenette I agree with you You are saying quite right..By the way I like cheese too much..
    MD Life

    Thank you for the sharing