It's Aloha Friday

+ on ice.
I made a spur-of-the-moment decision to take Mini to Disney on Ice.  Roomie thought I was nuts.  Mini isn't interested in stuff like that anymore, Nenette!  Um... what do y'all think?

+ aloha, playah.
My bff Miss T returned from 2 week trip to Hawai'i.  She brought back some lovely gifts for us: a little purse for me, poi for Roomie and me, and necklaces for the kids, which they wear every day and won't take off even for this pic. 

+ s'mores.
Kids wanted s'mores.  Didn't have graham wafers.  Still really good though.

+ sci-fi'd.
I'm becoming more and more obsessed with "V".  Good thing, since one of my current faves -- Stargate: Universe -- has been canceledBoo.  :(
{image from}

+ pork chops.
Yummy.  Even my kids think so.  You know, the ones who think me giving them new delicious food is a new and twisted form of torture.
It looks odd but tastes delish.  Here's how you make it.

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