rebuilding the temple 2011: top 10 things I can do without.

... Estrogen Dominance and Adrenal Fatigue...

According to my ND, Dr.C, that's what's been causing all my health issues.  Isn't she amazing?!  I'm glad I found her.  She's nothing like my ob/gyn, whose solutions were to scrape me out (unnecessarily), and if that didn't work, set my uterus on fire.  Let's face it -- it was like having Mike Tyson suggest he give you a c-section.  Or a vasectomy.

But that's all in the past, and now I have Dr.C who has put me back on the road to Super Girl-hood.  She said that all I have to do is...

- lose weight... because bodyfat holds and produces excess estrogen.
- eat organic... because non-organic food introduces carcinogenic/estrogenic/poisonous pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, etc. into our system.
- exercise... to help balance my hormones, and generally keep me healthy.
- remove stress from my life... to heal my adrenals.

And I have to do this, because if I continue down the road I was on to get this way, my body will simply shut down!  ACK!

So, I'm back to Rebuilding the Temple once again.  Except this time, I'll be doing it at my own pace.  I'll be posting an update every Friday Mondays. (Updated Feb 13/11)

Now, to kick off my new body reconstruction, I present my Top 10 Things I Can Do Without, which  I found on Bruna's Bees With Honey blog, who got it from Katie's Sluiter Nation blog.

I have to admit that there are a lot of things that I'm better off without, because it's not about deprivation -- it's about keeping the crap out of the temple, right?!

Okay, here we go.  Here's my list with a health twist:

1: winter...
One of the things Dr.C told me to do was walk for half an hour each day.  Tropical-girl here doesn't want to walk outside in the winter, so my walks are currently of a side-to-side nature, instead of forward.  Yeah, hula.  Indoors.  Where I pretend it's not winter.
Also, I believe winter has no business sticking around after Christmas.

2: excess bodyfat...
I'm supposed to have 24% bodyfat... I currently have 14% a little more than that.

3: dairy...
I get all sinus infection-y after I have milk, ice cream, and other dairy products.  Cheese too!  Makes me sad because I can no longer have Wensleydale.  :(
But I feel great without it!  And now, when I try milk, it just tastes 'cow' to me.  Moo.

4: caffeine...
Since trying to eliminate my stress, I've not needed this stuff to get me going.  I sleep better at night, and I'm well-rested.  It's like when I was in 'training' for pregnancy.

5: decaf soy half-sweet caramel macchiatos... with whip...
Sad thing is I just found this!  But, yeah, I don't need this wonderfully tasty concoction.  I don't.  I don't.  I don't.  I don't.  Really, I don't.

6: sugar...
I'm insulin resistant.  Sugar is bad for me.  It makes me fat.  I need to stay away from it.  I can stay away from it.  Thing is, it's going to be HARD because I've got a sweet tooth.  I love pavlova, sweet chocolate, cheese cake, ice cream, sponge toffee...  what was I saying again?

7: stress...
Life is stressful.  Worrying about kids.  The mortgage.  Home renos.  Health issues.  Annoying people.  OH SO MANY annoying people.  I can definitely do without all that, but sometimes, it's so SO hard to not feel so stabby...

8: carbs...
I can literally (yes, LITERALLY) feel myself getting fat when I eat bread.  And pasta.  And fried rice.  OMG, glorious garlic mashed potatoes too!  I don't need it, oh, but I'd willingly slather it all over my body, it's so tasty!

9: caloric drinks...
I'm talking sweetened drinks like pop, juice, coffee (which I can't drink without some type of sweetener), iced tea, etc.  Water and green tea is perfect for me.  I wonder if there's a way to de-calorify those decaf soy half-sweet caramel macchiatos.

10: cardio...
I'm talking jogging/running, and everything about it.  The sweating.  The pain.  The fact that I have to wear a bra made of freakin' steel to prevent the bounce.  I'm sticking to intervals/tabata, walks, and hula.  They're still painful, but not as long and evil.  Nor bouncy.

What are the 10 things you can do without?


  1. OMG. Your list just refocussed me! Thank you! I need to follow your list as it I think I have similar issues. If Nenette can do it, so can I! Wish we lived closer so we could lean on each other for moral support:))

  2. Nice post. Nicer than that other one, anyway! But I'll keep my comments out of here because I know LAM reads this and hey LAM, if you have no homework to do, why don't you figure out how many pancakes you could make with 4 eggs if you can make 15 pancakes with 6 eggs. After you've proved it, go teach your sister how to figure it out. :-)

    But what's an ND? New Doctor?

    And when you say "things you can do without" some of the items read more like "things you wish you can do without", I think. Are your dairy problem symptoms the same as catarrh?
    Some people get that way with dairy but normally not with hard cheeses.

    Oooh. I just looked up adrenal fatigue. I see the Mayo Clinic doesn't support it as a medical diagnosis. Wikipedia is equally critical of estrogen dominance and the Mayo Clinic doesn't have any reference to it at all. Your ND isn't Sybil Trelawney, is it? We kid because we care... but are you turning your back on the medical practice? I know a guy who posted a great video on homeopathy if you need it...

  3. @Bruna: Okay, we're doing this together!
    I don't suppose you'd want to move here, right? It's cold, but it's a dry cold. :)
    I still miss living in BC. I might be convinced to move back... if cost of living plummeted, of course. :)

  4. @Albert: Actually, my list really has to do with needs vs. wants. Do I want those? Oh, yes. But do I need them? No, definitely not... and I'm probably better off without 'em!

    Oh, Albert, why must it always be just 1s and 0s with you, darling? Of course, I still see a conventional doctor when needed. But there are some things that I believe are best healed via the natural approach which is where naturopathic doctor comes in.

    But keep your homeopathic propaganda way from me -- THAT I have difficulty swallowing.

    I'm not surprised that adrenal fatigue and estrogen dominance are not yet recognized by traditionally leading medical journals and organizations. They're newer, more modern day problems that have likely come about thanks to our modern lifestyles and artificial ways of processing our food and things we keep in our environment.
    At one time, "stress" wasn't recognized either.

    And a big problem with dismissing adrenal fatigue is that conventional doctors wait until it escalates to Addison's or Cushing's Disease before treating the adrenals... and at that point, it's usually too late.

  5. I can salvage your decaf soy blah blah blah to less than 100 calories, no caffeine, virtually sugar free. but no whip.

  6. @Nick: But, sweetiepie, it's just not the same without whip. :(