raunchy, saucy, and a bunch of crazy sex goddess stuff.

As if I haven't TMI'd you enough here, I'm doing it elsewhere too.  But would I really reveal it all?  And could it all be true?  Perhaps...  ;)

Okay, I'll stop being all weird and cryptic now, and dare you to go to Studio 30+ where I've been asked to write today's featured post. 

Thanks to Jules and Jerrod for the opportunity to strut my stuff on The Magazine!

Oh, and, Lam, if you try to read that post, I will seriously ground you for... 'til college.  Remember, there are some things about your mother you really don't want to know.  Heh.

Okay, for the rest of you, head over to my post on The Magazine at Studio 30+.  And if you're over 30 and wordy too, feel free to join an awesome bunch of people.  Oh, and leave me a comment... I will love you forever!


  1. I have one about sex that is going to be featured soon, as well, and I am so torn as to whether I should link to it. The whole reason I submitted it to Studio 30 was because I really felt the need to write about it, but shit if I don't have relatives who read my blog. My article goes into some pretty ooky details about my childhood that I'm absolutely positive my husband's grandmother does NOT want to know about me. Ugh. Perhaps it's time to start slowly desensitizing some of my readers to my TMI. Perhaps if they don't want to know, they will just simply not read it.

  2. You are one HAWT mama...of course I always knew that ;-)

  3. I was shocked, I tell you!

    OK, no I wasn't :-)

  4. Well, dear cousin. Not only was your article uncomfortably laden with TMI-edness... But it was also whore-ific. I love it. Fantastic job! Xo, z

    PS after reading said article, I have realized that the apples have not only rolled as far as possible from their respective trees... But have managed to find eachother amongst all the over crazy apples. Does that make sense?

  5. I demand to know more!
    Jk, of course. Congrats on the post

  6. I'll Never Tell08 February, 2011

    Zeroing in on one aspect: is that the extent of your "locations"? Because I would have expected a bit more of you!

    Here's a list of places, umm, people have told me about:
    - in the crook of a tree (my absolute favourite to hear about due to what must have been a hilarious arrangement)
    - in a car on the side of the Perimeter Highway
    - in a U-haul trailer between sets, having to interrupt things because your band has started the next set without you
    - in an ironing board closet in someone else's house during a party
    - in an anechoic chamber
    - on top of a building at a university
    - on the Dean's desk, in the days before every door being alarmed
    - there were always rumours about an old elevator, the kind where it only moved when the up or down button was pushed, but that always seemed unlikely to me
    - in the bushes outside a convent

  7. @Aimee: I too was torn myself as to whether or not I should link from here. My son and husband read my blog! And countless other relatives too! So, I tried to tone down the post as much as I could and left out a lot, but left just enough in to get my point across.
    It's a tough decision, isn't it? Good luck. :)

  8. @Rougie: It takes one HAWT babe to know one, dahling. ;)

  9. @Rock Chef: You actually had me laughing green tea out of my nose with that comment!

  10. @zandra: Yup, I totally got it. :) I think the whore-ificity in the apples was always there (in our blood), we just had to roll far away enough from the trees for it to come out! Oh, those repressed, uptight trees... what they are missing...

  11. @Su: Thanks! LOL I knew you're just JK, but as you know, you'll be learning more anyway as you continue to read my blog... whether you like it or not! ;)

  12. @I'll Never Tell: Of course that list I gave is incomplete, dahling! I'm a Scorpio... I like keeping some things secret! ;)
    BTW, who else did it in an anechoic chamber?