the resolutionizing of 2011.

Happy New Year, darlings of mine!!!

How did you ring in 2011?  I went to a party.  A small one.  Dress code: pajamas.  And conveniently, it was at my house.  AND EVERY. ONE. CAME!  Not like they had a choice -- they all live here.  But I know they still would've come if they didn't, because these people are total party animals.

And we ate...

melons and grapes for me -- bready things for my mob.

It was a great way to say "good riddance" to a rough year full of half-done bathroom renos, blogging apathy, ultrasounds and unnecessary surgeries, too many colds/flus, and clutter that just won't go away.

Now it's 2011, and it's time for the bright, shiny, and not so polly-wally-crappy...

1: Take more time to relax, worry less, and de-stress.  And rest when my body demands it.  Oh, and get enough sleep!  My ND told me that these things were KEY to healing my adrenals, getting my health back, and keeping me from going bitchcakes whenever someone looks at me the wrong way. 

2: Go to hot yoga twice each week. This is my "thing" after all, right?

3: Bedtime by 9:30pm.  As in bed.  Asleep.  At 9:30.

4: No laptop in bed.  Which is also key because I need sleep, and a smutty romance novel gets me to sleep quicker than the glare of a laptop screen.  It's pretty sad -- just as the hero and heroine are getting to the bodice ripping part, I'm ready to snore and drool all over the place.  Eh, whatever works, right?

5: One project at a time.  Focus on one project and finish it before moving on to the next one. Seriously. And no new projects until the bajillion items on my current list are done!  Gah!!!

6: Get more people to pay me to write.  2010 saw my health impact my writing in a very negative way.  Inactivity due to apathy, mild depression, and mental exhaustion totally sucks.  This year, I'm ready to get back to being a blogging machine!

7:  Pay more attention to my appearance.  Wardrobe redux.  Do my hair.  Wear make-up.  Wear perfume.  All natural stuff, of course.  I'm done looking -- and thus, feeling -- like poo every time I leave the house!

8: Go out for dinner with my pretend boyfriend Gerard Butler, dazzle him with my beauty and wit, and despite all his begging, refuse to run away with him.  Nope, still not ready to let this one go.

How about you?  What are your goals for the new year?


  1. I'm with you Nenette! Your plans for the new year sound wise. I think I need to get myself a pretend boyfriend too. Sounds fun!

    Happy New Year, my friend!

  2. @Bruna: Thanks, my dear. Yes, I highly recommend getting a pretend boyfriend. Be sure to get one that doesn't look anything like your own hubby -- you know, for variety. Unlike me. gah! :) Hope you have a great 2011! xo

  3. Is that your boyfriend I see on TV these days, advertising makeup for men during the world juniors hockey championship? Something about makeup to hide bags under your eyes?

    Now, if you're a wild man like Alice Cooper or Brent Fitz advertising eyeliner for men to wear on stage because they're just rock animals, I can see it. But selling pancake makeup for men to wear to a hockey game sounds like a losing proposal.

  4. Hey! Gerard Butler is MY pretend boyfriend, well, along with Javier Bardem (Don't tell my husband). You can have Gerard, but keep your mitts off Javier! Lol.
    Love your blog!
    Theresa xoxo

  5. Ohh I like your goals! Although I can never ever go to bed at 9:30. Even if I try, my body keeps me up until well after midnight, damn it! :) Happy New Year! xoxo

  6. A Happy New Year to you!!

    My only goal for 2011 is not to gain any more weight than I did in 2010. This is hard since I love peeps and pop tarts and totino's pizza rolls.

  7. Let me know if you figure out the key to learning to relax & worry's one of my resolutions too.

  8. 9:30?? My, that is way to early for me. I am lucky if I can get my monsters in bed by 9:00pm. I look at the hours that follow as marriage maintenance time, dish washing time, crappy tv show watching time, all very important for me...

  9. Ohhh those are fabulous goals....umm I better get off this lap top, in my bed! Happy New Year!