martians. bathroom guts. and other lovely things.

- Holy crap, my beloved blog made it on AllTop!  I just found out when I found a "Guy's Latest Book" email from them in my SPAM folder.  I could've been on there for months and didn't know!  Anyway, OMG, awesome!!!  And how the hell did that happen?!  Oh, I don't care -- I'm there.  I'm in the Life category, if you want to check me out.  Yay me!

- I still have the Sherlock Holmes DVD I rented 2 months ago.  I haven't watched it yet.  And I won't return it until I've watched it, because, hello, RDJ!  And I'm stubborn.  And with late fees, apparently, I'm rich.  Oh, and also delusional.

- For Roomie, I changed my cell phone ring tone from what I could only describe as "swanky exotic dance tune" to -- wait for it -- the "sound of a phone ringing".  As in "brrrrring -- brrrrring -- brrrring".  You know, like...

... so, anyway, I changed it after Roomie took the cell with him while grocery shopping, and he didn't pick-up when I called because he "didn't hear any phone ringing".
Frankly, I think he couldn't hear it over the sound of cookies and sandwich fixin's.

- The whole ringtone thing makes me think my husband is totally old-skool.  But really, he's not, because he's finally on Twitter.  I'd share it, but OMG, THE MATH!

- Last month, my daughter lost 3 teeth in 5 days.  She didn't want to cash them in yet, so she waited.  Now, she's about to lose a 4th.  And she's decided that, when it falls out, she wants to cash them all in AT THE SAME TIME.
Dude, at $5 a pop, this is totally going to mess up the Tooth Fairy's budget!

- My house is like a snow globe.  It looks like someone shook it about and let the snow gently drift down, but instead of white fluffy snow, it's crap.  Lots of it.  Yes, I'm still decluttering.

- I'm all excited about the upcoming Royal Wedding.  Would've wanted Wills to wait until Mini was grown up before he decided to find a bride, but meh, Kate is nice.  ;)

- I feel like a walking Russ Meyer movie.  I'm up to 140, and I swear it's all boobs because I'm overflowing the E/F while my ever-loose jeans have reached the realm of "clown pants".

- Remember my deeply-troubled bathrooms?  Yeah, well, they still look like this...

powder room ceiling

upstairs full bath

Hold me.


  1. Loved how you added the telephone ringing from Sesame Street. Brought back memories for me! Nenette, you always crack me up.

    Your bathroom is gonna kick-ass once it done! Keep thinking about that and what it looks like now won't matter so much. Look forward to seeing after pics!

  2. * I had a funky, bluesy ring for my husband and I really liked it, but I changed it because *I* couldn't hear it. So now it's an annoying screechy, nasgul-like sound. No connection. No really.

    * Watch Sherlock.

    * And $5 a tooth??? WTF?

  3. Sherlock DVD - you know it's technically possible to make a copy of it and return the rental to minimize those late fees? I'm sure you have the technology...

    Tooth Fairy - $5? Your tooth fairy is as extravagantly generous with her droppings as you are with your late fees!

    Russ Meyer movies don't walk, they strut! Faster, Pussycat!

  4. Congratulations on making it to Alltop!! My Ate is so famous!! :)

    Love that martian clip! That takes it way back.

    It would have also been nice if R-Patt could have waited for Mini-C; just saying. LOL!!

  5. Sherlock as in the BBC show? WATCH IT. It's amazing.