livingroom: before & after. ish.

I'm sick. Again. Meh, I've been healthy for the last 3 months, and well, I'm overdue for another one of these phlegmtastic events.

I don't like being sick, because (a) it feels super crappy, and (b) I get nothing done.

Now, Roomie tells me that I'm not just sitting around doing nothing -- I'm healing, resting so that my body can get better faster. Ain't he the sweetest thing?! Yeah, he is.

But I still can't help but feel like a little lazy girl.

Then I look at pictures of what I've done, and I'm reminded that I'm not really a bon-bon-eating, watching-my-soaps-all-afternoon kind of mama.

Pictures like the changes to my livingroom! I still have to change the area rug and curtain, put up the new bamboo blinds, and get a new coffee table/ottoman, but it's at 90% which is close enough to show off. It's nothing like the family room metamorphosis, but the energy is so much better than it was before.

Check out the before and after...



You like?


  1. I hope you are feeling better, my friend. The room is coming together very nicely.

  2. I likey like like. Also? I think it's adorable that Roomie's all "you're hot" on Twitter when you're all "cough sneeze sniffle hack up a lung sneeze."

  3. @Avitable: Thanks, sweets. :)

    @Su: Thank you, my dear. On both counts. xo

    @Rougie: Thanks, babe. :) As for Roomie, ain't he just yummy?! But IRL, he's actually more pervy and dry-humpy. :D