3rd blogoversary extravaganza: the conclusion...

Thanks to all for entering, and for all of your lovely Blogoversary greetings! You all warmed my heart cockles. :)

This morning, I asked Mini to do the all-important task of drawing the name. So, she put on her Pink Poodle Earmuffs of Infinite Loveliness and went at it...

Drumroll please...

And the scarf goes to...

Congratulations to the lovely and talented Adam Avitable!

Please email me your colour preference, and I'll get started on you scarf right away!
Not sure if it'll be done by Blissdom, so I'll shoot for Christmas. :)


  1. Yayyyyy! Oh wait, that's not me. Oh well. It's ok, if my life goes as planned I'm moving to San Diego and will not need your amazing looking scarf. Congrats to Avitable and to you for your anniversary... (sniffle-sniffle, it's ok, it's the allergies and I was cutting onions, I'm not crying) ツ

  2. Happy Blogoversary, and congrats to Adam Avitable!

  3. I was wondering what "heart cookies" were and then I realized my monitor was probaby set too condensed.

    Congratulations Avitable. You know exactly where he's going to put it, don't you?

  4. He's going to look amazing in that scarf!

  5. I'm so excited to wrap that around my cock-
    les of my heart!