day 45 of 90: cleanses blow goats.

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Lost: 6lbs.

Halfway through my FatBet. Only 6 pounds lost. My fat is laughing at me. "Ha-ha! You thought you could get rid of me! Bahahaha!" See? My fat is so hurtful and not loving. Jerk.

But it hasn't been a very easy and supportive 6 weeks. I've had to deal with a superbad period, 3 weeks of surgery and recovery that was meant to solve the superbad periods but didn't (oh, yeah, more on that in another post), and Thanksgiving dinner with the most awesome-and-evil stuffing.

My post-surgery, purge-my-body-of-hospital-drugs, my-bathroom-is-my-best-friend herbal cleanse helped me lose 3 pounds.

Ah, yes, my cleanse. Here's what I observed...

.: Cramped up a lot the first 4 days.
.: Day 5, Realized that cramping will stop if I fill up my tummy. Wish I'd realized that earlier.
.: Missed dairy. In yogurt form. A lot.
.: Cheated a couple of times. With pumpkin pie. It was yummy.
.: Bad things came out of my pores. As said before, smelled like a hobo. It was wrong... so, so wrong.
.: Felt clearheaded and alert. It was nice. Then Thanksgiving hit.
.: Was positive I'd lost 10 pounds. Nope. Only 3. Made me sad.

It's all okay, though. It's all good. And I'm feeling optimistic.
Especially now that I've received the thumbs-up from my gynecologist to start working out again.

I have 6 more weeks to this challenge, and as long as I'm good on my birthday (Nov 5th!), I should make goal by the end of this FatBet... and avoid the penalty of wearing one of those horrible holiday sweaters in public. Because, baby, there's no lookin' hot in one of those!

The things I need to focus on:
+ more water
+ back to workouts: hula/HIIT/Tabata/etc.
+ no more dairy


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  1. you are inspiring! i'm looking forward to hearing more about the cleanse. i'm curious and think it would help and dam people's skin looks GREAT afterwards! and honestly? i'm scare of the smell! *such* a wuss, i know!

    and lol *shudder* at the thought of a holiday sweater! :)